I couldn't tolerate the stress of this work.

We're parents.

Astronomers claim they have discovered the ninth planet of the Solar System.

When the war was finished, few soldiers returned home.

We don't know that for a fact.

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I just left them.


I'll phone them.


This one's old.

I feel secure with him.

The greatest gift that someone can give you is their love and their time.

I take care of him.

Don't be unreasonable.

How much is the room charge?

You see me.

I must see a doctor at once.

Please drop in at my house on your way home.

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I guess I should say thanks.

Jeanette is wearing a heavy coat and gloves.

What do they want with Rebecca?

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Knock when going to the bathroom, OK?

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It's snowing in Boston.


I'm done. What's the next step?

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The children are full of energy.

Give him some money.

You're attractive.

Would you do this for me?

Janet is finicky.

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Diet pills aren't a quick fix for losing weight. You have to eat healthier and exercise too.

What he said was that he was satisfied.

He got to school just in time.

Shall I buy you a ticket for the concert?

I bought new shoes at the shoe store.

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Kerry told his children to help each other.

To my disappointment, his letter didn't come.

He was among those chosen.


This job involves lots of hard work.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

She was barred from the club.

Jesus is an easy-going guy.

I'm tied up with this job recently.

Stay a little longer.

I wish to see my father.


If it hurt that much, he wouldn't be playing outside.


I've had a hard day, all I want is an early night.

I found the boy sound asleep.

Stevan says he met my father.

Yeah, right, he'll mend his ways. When Hell freezes over.

Don't cut in when others are talking.

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We can go shopping later.

Eva seems unbothered.

I became famous because my name is Kardashian.


Sophie and Carole are exhausted.

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I think Sir won't come to our party.

I get scared just walking past him.

I wish I hadn't gotten married.

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He is generous to his opponents.

For better or worse, she will have the operation tomorrow.

I'm not asking him.

The world is very big.

Vinod collapsed to the ground.


Theodore picked up the remote control.

We need help in fixing our broken marriage.

Vivek and I can't change our schedules.

Please call me at nine AM.

Maarten and Werner were sitting in the back seat of the car.

Tuan has begun studying French.

I don't know if she still lives there.

Can I see it?

The door was locked, so I couldn't get into the room anyway.

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Do you believe in UFOs?

That girl is very beautiful.

Where did he see action?

Meeks finds it hard to sit through a movie without going to sleep.

How was it kept secret?


I begged Marion to stay.

Who was Kyu afraid of?

More than 75% of them fear that technology impoverishes the traditional French language.

Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to the station?

We're still a team.


If it's not broken, don't fix it.

I don't expect you to understand it.

I liked him.


I'm telling you to leave.


The notion of upper-class and lower-class among humans in this world is a topic likely to be found in a woman's essay. Anyone who thinks that falls in the lower-class category of humans.

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I would like to engage in foreign trade in the future.


This can't possibly go wrong.

He does not have to do this.

We walked along an avenue of tall poplars.

Henry never gets into argument without losing his temper.

The boy is hoeing.

Our education system needs to be seriously revamped.

I'm not going to sing that stupid song with you.

He was sitting there.

Lions are colorblind.

Some people compare life to a stage.

The statesman's death had a great impact on the political world.

I'm the owner of this land.

The door is opening now.


There are few books without misprints.

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Eritrea is called "Erta" in Tigrinya.

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I'm fed up.

That poor slob began and ended his career as a district policeman.

Call me up at seven in the morning.

Jeany said it wasn't smart to do this.

Please tell me the reason that you were late.


I'll be sixteen in September.

Eleven o'clock is my regular time for going to bed.

I have an erection.

Arlene wondered if Leif understood what she was reading.

I dealt with the problem as I saw fit.


You have to come back.

The board is strong enough to bear the weight.

I didn't know you were down there.

Then, at last, the policeman lowered his arm.

There was only a little milk left in the bottle.

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It's foolish for you to swim when it's this cold.


Brooke could probably tell us why.

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He never goes to a meeting.

She wants to stay single forever.

Is the coast clear?

He didn't like city life.

It is the business of the future to be dangerous; and it is among the merits of science that it equips the future for its duties.

Watch out for trees from now on.

He stamped out the fire.


Emily is thirsty.

I have to send these letters.

He is busy learning English.

Sometimes it's easy.

What are you playing at?

Seawater is salty.

Herb didn't even have the courtesy to say that he was sorry.


It's a snowy day.

I believe he is not guilty of the crime.

Do you support or oppose the death penalty?

The impudent child extended her legs across my lap.

Ireland is called "Ireland" in English.

The city is being blanketed again today by a thick pall of smoke from nearby bushfires.

Why is Jackye lying down on the table?

Lar drives Fay up the wall.

Young people were skating on the frozen pond.

Elephants can't ride a bicycle.

I will follow you until death, Georges!

I got rid of all the books.

I can't decide which to choose.

I thought you were hungry.

My children are coming with me.

How will I manage without you?

Jordan exhaled quietly.

I'm sure you already know what to do.

Roxane told me all about it.

Who rescheduled?

I can't make him do anything.


I was proud of them.


She is dressed in her best.


Please wash your hands properly before eating.

It is not from the benevolence of the butcher the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.

Where did you help them?

Ritalynne and her sister took turns at looking after their sick mother.

Bruce seems to have many friends.

We remained very much in love.

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