Let me tell you my story!

Like most of us would, I chose to be in the rat race with a fixed income and tiny annual increments, periodic job rotation (on the positive side) and a constant fear of restructuring. Every month-end would be a waiting period with eyes fixed on the mobile screen waiting to see the alert “credits received”.

After 12 years of service, making all efforts to grow someone’s company (as they say and why not, you get paid for your services), I came across a book ‘Like a Virgin – Secrets they wont teach you at Business School’ written by Sir Richard Branson. This book colored my mental canvas and got me into thinking the impossible. It shook me, to learn of how a kid with dyslexia and disinterest in academics grew up to be the owner of several hundred companies.

Following, was a blog I read about this young man who faced layoff at work and had nowhere to go on account of a downturn in economy. However he had to do something to make sure he earns for a living. What does he do then – he starts a blog and how he monetized it to make big bucks is history. Yes, I am referring to Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. Pat’s story got me completely blown off by how he started a blog “smartpassiveincome.com” and is continually helping people, sharing his experiences and strategies, while earning passive income and being able to spend more time with family.

I have a similar story (well at least the beginning 🙂

I wasn’t laid off but had I sustained I probably would have been. I quit my job after 12 years of service, right before i took the big decision of sharing my life with someone i knew and shared similar interests with. I foresaw a great entrepreneurial move ahead of me. But not all succeed in the game of business at the first go and so did I.

But I have also heard of failing successfully!

Failures are stepping stones to success. My inner strength got busted but boosted at the same time. Success does not come easy.  The sooner it comes, the faster it wades. I see light at a distance, not too far.

So, I shall continue my battle on entrepreneurial grounds and through this space, will keep you informed of my experiences: failures, learning’s, success stories, recommendations and professional advice sought from experts. Do stay connected to read more.