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Perry likes snow.

Ramesh put down the phone.

Let me know when you're back home.

I returned home by train.

How did you sprain your wrist, Jan?


The book is blue.

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Amir and Malloy are gone now.

I needed to meet you.

On Saturday evenings everybody in the family had a bath one after another in an old tin bath in front of the fire.

Teresa isn't very good at parallel parking.

Look, honey. You can't do that!

Most students don't like homework.

Look who's talking.

Will can speak neither French nor English.

Until the morning, the camp of the enemy army was surrounded.

I told her you were coming.

Space thinks Jean-Christophe's work is easy.

You didn't do a very good job, I said.

I wish I had eaten more.

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You've been spotted.

I don't understand your words.

I chartered a jet.

Before leaving the room, Ahmed took Dewey's diamond necklace.

She came near to drowning.

Sonny was playing the guitar and cooking at the same time.

I keep telling myself it doesn't matter.

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There are three options.

Nancy aspires to be a teacher.

We need to teach him a lesson.


The movie wasn't all that great.


Johnathan is quite attentive.

I can't speak Spanish but even so, I was able to make myself understood when I went to Malaga last year.

No, she didn't want to meet up with him.

Vernon asked, what is happening to me.

I was dehydrated.


Waves were battering the shore.

I've been hunting with her.

She gave birth to a daughter yesterday.


He is a masked hero; what could he ever be hiding?

I can't finish this work by 2:30.

I think it's a rather boring sentence.


Dan did not get from Linda the love he was looking for in return.

I struck up an acquaintance with her.

The reason for this is obvious.

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I used those flowers to spruce up the house.

Dan tried to intimidate Linda.

Scott doesn't speak French as well as he speaks English.

This seems wrong.

Dinner was expensive.

I found it pretty hard to adjust to my new surroundings.

What do you think we should do?

I know why that is.

I like what you've written, and I completely agree with you.

Please put these glasses away.

I have a slight cold.

Ramiro escaped injury.

the groups infractions were so egregious that we were forced to arrest them.

I searched high and low for my lighter but couldn't find it.

Don't fell the young trees.

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Do you like Mexican food?

It took three days to paint the whole house.

Heinz realized what Marguerite was doing.


Do you have anything less expensive?

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You shouldn't even try making sense of it.

I suppose we won't meet again.

It looks like Johnny isn't at home.


You need to meet with Christopher.


Are you the people from the CIA?


Would you like to ask anyone else a question?


Their way of thinking is behind the times.

Have you seen my wife?

The reader will quickly realise that my analysis is precise and that her results are reliable.


He immediately got angry.


I usually take a bath after dinner.

We left the final decision to him.

Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.

Mr. Smith has come.

Maria should has done all of them on her own.

I had an accident.

I love the way the air is so fresh and clean after it rains.

Liisa and Markku were panic-stricken and took to their heels.

My brother has much in common with me.

What happens happens.

You don't have to stay to the end.

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I pushed the door, but it remained closed.


Is Ted here tonight?

It's from your family.

I can't get out of this trouble by myself.

Dan wasn't satisfied with Linda's landing.

He's not lazy. On the contrary, I think he's a hard worker.

You have to help him.

I am positive that he is wrong.

When he awoke it was day.

Just a minute, please.


Are you planning on buying a house?

That runs against my principles.

May I ask what you're intending to do?

He had a strong stance on the subject.

It's not supposed to rain today.

We went to Boston.

I need you to help me here.

I don't like to make a mistake.

Brandi will kill again.


There's nothing you can do about it.

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Dirk used the same towel for ten days straight.

Carol and Malaclypse like each other.

I'd like to see what's going on.

Her only pleasure is listening to music.

It's better than doing nothing.

I still have to find someone to go with me.

She's waiting for a knight on a white horse to take her away.

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It's far from over.

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You can kill a man with a BB gun.

Have you already gone to the polls today?

You may take this book as long as you keep it clean.

Collective responsibility means irresponsibility.

I'll never buy another one of these.

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I'll take you anywhere you want to go.

Meet the twisted reality!

He asserted that he was innocent.


"Nobody is going to know where you bought your clothes." "No, they will!"

He got his right ear pierced.

Albert dropped out of college.


The Jacksons are our neighbors.

You're making a big fuss about nothing.

I go to school every day.

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Thank you very much for informing me that the shipment will be delayed.

Rajesh always speaks French.

Due to a technical malfunction, this train's service will be henceforth discontinued.

I wonder if anybody can help us.

I've made up my mind to leave.


I thought you'd be hungry.

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Let's start the ball rolling.

She took pains in educating the children.

That's why we let you go.

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That's one question Micky doesn't have an answer for.


Hy was still in Boston this time last year.

What he said was that he was satisfied.

That cut on your arm looks pretty serious.

Do you have any idea what my life is like?

Let them have a taste of their own medicine.

Don't thank me. Thank Jerry.

Have you ever traveled in a plane?

Being active at night may relate to the behavior of seals, which feed at night on various fish that come up closer to the surface.

Never offer to teach fish to swim.

Torsten picked out a gift for Hein.

He's eating lunch now.

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I want this fruit.

These customs differ from those our country.

Now my broken English has cost me that job.

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Celeste listened carefully to everything Clem said.

Nothing is impossible for the gods.

She didn't feel like eating lunch.


Somebody caught me by the arm.

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I read detective stories exclusively.

The didn't open the beer.

Did you get a good look at the intruder?

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She has got there just in time.

He used chopsticks in an awkward way.

Correct it, please.