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Since 1992, we have been satisfying loyal customers in Fairfield, CT with snappy hot dogs and freshly made condiments.  We strive to keep freshness top priority.  Our hot dogs are locally made with just the right cuts of beef and pork, finished with a natural casing and a hint of smoke.  Our bread is supplied from local bakeries and delivered still warm every morning insuring the perfect base for a great tasting hot dog!  Toppings?  Our relishes, both sweet and hot, are completely made from scratch… We don’t just chop up pickles and add spices, we actually pickle our own vegetables and puree them to create relishes that harken back to a by gone era… before the invention of food coloring and preservatives! Don’t forget the chili… french fries? Locally and specifically grown potatoes, fresh cut and fried before your eyes … steak sandwiches… soups from scratch… the “Mighty Ity”… Click here to read more about our food!

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