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Numismatics is considered to be a pioneering hobby. It is believed to be the hobby of Kings and as such the King of all hobbies. We at IndianCoins.com try to cater to the Numismatic society providing knowledge on available archives and offering select items for sale in our online shop. We offer coins in various metals such as silver, gold and copper.

IndianCoins.com encourage collectors, experts and moderators from different areas of Numismatics (Ancient, Mughal , Sultanate, East India & British India, Various Princely States) to help contribute to creating a website for the full Numismatic community.

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Ghaznavid Coinage: Narrow Dirham of Isma’il

This is a silver dirham of Emir Isma’il who succeeded his father Emir Sebuktegin as the second ruler of the ...
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/ / Emir Ismail, Ghaznavid, bell cage

potato canker

Ruler: Sher Shah Suri Mint: Sharifabad Date: 946 A.H. (1539-1540 C.E.) Reference: Goron & Goenka – D797 Denomination: AR Rupee ...
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COINAGE OF THE SURIS Silver Rupee of Islam Shah: Mint of Narnol   Ruler: Islam Shah Suri Mint: Narnol Date: ...
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This is a silver dirham of Amir Sebuktegin who is considered as the first ruler of the Ghaznavid dynasty, which ...
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Post - Gupta Bengal - base gold Dinar of Samacharadeva, c. 2nd/3rd quarter of 6th century AD, 9.67 gm Obv: ...
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Farrukhsiyar rupee Qila’a Shahnabi Durg ‘Urf Parnalah’ mint AH 1130

Farrukhsiyar - rupee of 'Qila'a Shahnabi Durg 'Urf Parnalah' قلع شاه نبی درگ عرف پرناله mint, AH 1130. Another example ...
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