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I'll go and meet him, if it's necessary.

I hope Giovanni isn't doing something he isn't supposed to be doing.

My aunt was coming to see us the next day.

I can't believe he kissed you.

Rand likes to play chess.


I never had a chance to give Thierry the message.

Hey, you're early.

I don't remember seeing you two years ago.

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Where are the weapons?

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She is a lady among ladies.


She used to work for our company.


Here are your choices.

Sugih didn't have much time so he just quickly scanned the report.

We are not the only ones who believe that he is innocent.

Those customs found acceptance there.

Are you sure it will work?

Bring on the long weekend!

Is Greek hard to learn?

That newspaper disappeared after six years.

I was expecting a tougher game.


To be honest, I would lie, if I said that I have never regretted my sudden decisions.

Murat was finally captured.

I found her alone in the wood, and brought her back with me for a companion. You will let her stay?

I blame them.

I just made it up.

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He's as big as I am.

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I enjoyed working with you.

I attended the class with Novorolsky taught by Professor Jackson.

Hy is the majority shareholder in the company.

I told him I couldn't do it.

It is considered impossible to travel back to the past.

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The books will be shipped out tomorrow before closing.

She ran as fast as she could.

Will you help me with the translation?

We're undressing.

Just look at her.


Isaac Newton was an English alchemist.

He's writing.

I relate with people better when I'm not caught up worrying about myself.


It's all going to work out.

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Are you home, too?

Let's discuss the respective merits of the candidates.

I ordered them to leave the room.

We just hope we'll get paid.

I thought you'd reach the same conclusion as I did.


Ramsey goes for a walk every morning with his dog.

I now have a more complete understanding of the situation.

I've never been to Tanya's.

She knew he was sad, but she couldn't pinpoint the reason why.

There are many people living near us.

The city dedicated a monument in honor of the general.

The children were rolling a big snowball.

Neither Miriamne nor John can swim.

Vince thought Elisabeth's joke was hilarious.

He has already had lunch.

Then who are you? Are you Elijah?

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Since we aren't vegetables, we should live our lives to the fullest.


Did you ask your father?

The budget was narrowly approved by Congress.

Did you kidnap her?

Nathaniel's plan worked perfectly.

She read the poem out loud.


She shot him with a rifle.


Who's your favorite Korean musician?

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Anatoly pulled a coin out of his pocket.

She stared me down with anger.

What's more important to you?

I suddenly realized what was happening.

Wolf likes hot curry.

I want my dinner brought to my room.

She had lost all hope after the death of her husband.


You don't have anything to do with this.

He spoke to me about it.

I love my phone.

Then I can have some peace of my mind.

Jun gave in to temptation.


Is that the key you are looking for?

You're living in a fantasy land.

Please come to our office any time.

We enjoyed ourselves at a sukiyaki party.

His behavior is my primary concern.

I tried to get good marks.

Mariela had a terrible time with her college advisors, who were worse at keeping her schedule together than she herself was.

I intended to have visited him at his office.

We'll take good care of him.


Charges against Rayan have been dropped.


What is 'terpomo'? An apple in the ground, or a potato?


He is a genius in a sense.

I bore this trial.

Can you help me find out?

In its home country, France, Tatoeba became a social and cultural phenomenon.

It is war's prize to take all vantages, and ten to one is no impeach of valour.

I pray God to bring these men to their senses.

We have no such example.


I think Theodore has already told us everything we need to know.

What are you looking forward to today?

Being skinny is unhealthy.

He's quite a catch.

I'm pretty smart.


What's on the menu?

The atmosphere there is not very good.

Wendi knew everything about Kristin.


It's pointless.


I share your opinion.

Mitch's shoes don't fit him very well.

I just want my job back.

You must not misbehave so.

Why don't you talk to us now?

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Now the fact is official.


So far it has been an exciting year.

Who's accusing you?

I have to park my car here.


The other day I went fishing for the first time in my life.

You don't know his city.

How do we get back home from here?

I've never been more serious in my life.

You don't owe her anything.

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What does this have to do with Edith?

Let's check with them.

She's clearly out of practice.

He's waiting for you at home.

While in Japan, she bought the camera.


I put on my socks before you could say "Jack Robinson"

If you'd been here this wouldn't have happened.

Your book is here.

This is the first time I've ever needed help.

Blackie makes a lot of noise while he eats.

That's quite a list.

Check that.

Cancer is the leading cause for hospice care.

When she has a headache, the slightest noise irritates her.

Vince thought it would be a good idea.

You'll never guess who I just met.

I'm going to find out what's happening.

The person who shot JFK worked for the CIA.


Celeste's bored.


He gave me some books.

Oh yes, we love the computer voice!

Hans sold us out.

I don't drink.

To tell the truth, I don't like his way of thinking.

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I've got no problem with that.

I'll never forget our first date.

I don't like you very much.

We're going to be OK.

Michael has always been a gentleman.

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The rain began to fall.

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There's something odd going on.

All Bert does is complain.

I'm clearly doing something wrong.

If he had been honest, I would have employed him.

What're they planning?

They trust him.

"I thought you'd give this laughter its due!" "This is crud! They're laughing at me!" "You don't say?"

He felt compelled to report the incident.

I feel different after I've been in Briggs's house, like a portion of my mind that was previously busy finding ways for me to enjoy myself when I didn't have to be working is now fully focused on thinking about stoats all day long, and indeed I find that much more efficient, for stoats entertain me now every moment without fail.

My parents were living in Boston when I was born.

I don't usually agree with Lonhyn about anything.

I met Skip at Sam's party.

I promise I won't tell.


I was surprised because my husband actually ate some of our wedding cake.