Literature is the future of a nation.

My mother has a driver's license, but she doesn't drive a car.


Yoke the oxen to the plow.


You know about that, don't you?

Did you leave a message?

What does man gain from all his labor in which he labors under the sun?


Albert is quite handsome.

I really don't want the kids left alone now.

You don't have to go, do you?

I'd like to wake Bonnie up myself.

I walked lunch off.

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We didn't create it.

I'm putting all my effort into this project.

Debbie was proud.

The rights of the individual are important in a free society.

The government has been reforming education.

Feel free to stay.

The three richest people in the world control more wealth than the poorest 48 nations.


Liza and Wes began spending more time together.

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His bike is better than mine.

Cary cleaned his room last weekend.

We sang in a choir when we were kids.

When did Ning come see you?

It's strange that she came home so late at night.

His house is there on the right.

It is very impolite of him to decline our invitation.

Most people around here usually eat their biggest meal of the day in the evening.

Marco is a good French speaker.

Rusty peered inside.

Your attendance at classes was irregular.

I used to walk home from school.

Florian got married when he was thirty years old.

Parcels are handled at the next window.

Please do it quickly.

Everyone has a signed contract.

Jean left hours ago.


If problems come up, call me.


I am swimming in a river.

I had to choose between A and B.

I'm a completely new person since that night.


You've been so kind to me.


Getting rest had a wonderful effect on him.

Kyu knows how to milk a cow.

I suggested him good deal but he refuse.

Marilyn Monroe died 33 years ago.

The teacher showed us how to use a computer.

Wasn't that Venkata back there?

Mr. Meier thought the Neumann family was away on vacation.

This is really the problem.

Did you poison them?

Mariou guessed that Sally was around thirty years old.

You gave me your word but you broke your promise, right?

I don't know how to talk to emotionally distraught people.

I work as a porter for this transportation company.

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I'd like to drink at least one more bottle of beer before I go home.


It's not that scary.

Aimee started to unload the sacks from the truck.

We have to undo what was done.


I left a note by your door this morning.


The Foreign Minister said that war was inevitable.


I feel pretty lucky.

You need to help her.

My father brags about never having had a traffic accident.

Ji said he was dog-tired.

She called down from upstairs to ask what the noise was about.

That guy's rolling in dough.

You keep forgetting to do your homework.


Axel acted like a madman.

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He's not stronger than me.

Try to explain.

They're going to shoot her.

I'll find something else to do.

He is sure to be cut from the team.


We have very strict guidelines here.

It's not like him not to call.

I don't want you following me.

Geoffrey is in the process of moving.

I used to like coming here.

They both left.

Get a good night's sleep if you can.


Let me be nervous about this.

No matter what happens, I am prepared.

I want to have Les all to myself.


Now and then I think of divorcing him.


A solution had to be found.

He never said anything about this.

We have three trees in our backyard.

I don't think they can behave themselves at the party.

The longest river in Italy is the Po.

This is a lesson for me.

The crowd is young.

Milk will do you good. You'd better drink it every day.

Can I sit next to them?

Life without a credit card is hard.

We can derive great pleasure from books.

He is a scientist and musician.

I think you're just wasting your time.


I want to become a boy, no matter how hard it is.

Herb's terrific.

Women give birth and men do not.


Winnie says that he's a creature of habit.


Rafik searched all day for the letter.

I did everything I could to stop Bryan.

I lean toward accepting the proposal.

I think that thirty dollars is too high a price to pay for this.

How can we ever thank you?

Will that really make a difference?

I suggest a different approach.

The last thing Wes does every night before going to sleep is set his alarm clock.

Instead of giving me another mendacious story, just be honest for once.

I think you'd better talk to him.

She is watering the garden.


That was nothing.

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I'm trying to get someone to tell me what to do.

I'm not taking my eyes off you.

Fair enough.


I suspect that Samuel is the one who stole the money.

Where can I go to get a map of Europe?

Photography was discovered in the 18th century.


Would it be possible to set up a meeting with us on April 5 or 6?

The child filled the bucket with sand.

I have three exams at the end of the year.

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There were so few proper members in the badminton club that it was half-way between dead and 'on break'.

My car is faster than yours.

She is looked up to.

He is an Englishman.

He solved the problem in five minutes that I had struggled with for two hours.

Timo pretended not to know anything about Jisheng.

Prejudices die a slow death, and you can never be sure they are really dead.

It was such a nice day that the street was full of people.

Have you seen Sidney without glasses before?

Can't you take a joke?

Is it just me or is there a cat there?

He runs a supermarket in the town.

We are all in agreement.

The liar's punishment is, not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe any one else.

All we know is that Isidore is coming to our office at 2:30.

What is for dessert?

In college, I fared ill with physics and well with chemistry.

This is the way he learned English.

Did you do all this?

John testified concerning him.

Precise measurements are necessary.


Motion for continuance denied.

Let's hope Julia doesn't do that.

John is the only adult Kamiya knows who can't drive.

I knew you'd mess things up.

I have a bit of a headache.

I'm grateful to be alive.

Louie's leg is healing.

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Early to bed, early to catch the worm. Or, is it the bagel?

It's the most logical explanation.

What kind of person is she?

This gadget is light years ahead of any other.

The bank vetoed my student loan application.


He is no less smart than his brother.

Jennifer is smarter than most girls her age.

He became a very trustworthy man.

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Part is going be OK.

I'm glad you guys are still here.

No one wants to feel different or left out.

Give it your all, and you won't be sorry later.

He resigned from his office.


This is the best country in the world.

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This book, which I've read two times, was a present from Peter.