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Atom markets Provides aboundant online financial derivative service,it helps customers develop potential abilities thoroughly to succeed in financial derivative market through our corparate’s advance trading system,perfect trading regime,good trading environment and fatastic client service.Atom markets promises to provide support of comprehensive additional added-value service for all retail customers.

IB corparation

Customers may choose to be Atom markets’ IB copartners.Customers can provide service after they apply cooperation and pass the audit of Atom Markets to be a verified IB.After Atom Markets puts on records,they can get comprehensive added service support and corresponding commission in return.ATOM Markets provides up to 70% commission return for IB copartners.ATOM Markets provides real and practical support for IB,hlep IB to train thier customers thoroughly ,the training promises customer transformation rate (historical statics transformation rate58.8%).The training includes courses like professional knowledge,the structure of foreign exchange market,oders fixture mechanism,trading account risk control etc.Let the retail customers take part in the foreign exchange market in the premise of complete grasp,extend customers’  engaging time in the market,enhance customers’  trust to IB.In addition,Atom Markets will help IB to train their stuff,make IB stuff themselves have the professional ability to serve their customers,improve IB marketing competitiveness , endeavour to help IB succeed in the foreign exchange market. 

Proton trading

ATOM Markets created an unique trading model for retail customers who have no long time engaging in the foreign exchange market and who haven\'t been mature in trading but having a strong interest in trading. Contrapose the trading feature of elementary foreign exchange retail customers,for controlling capital risk of customers,Atom Markets proton trading strictly limit the account deposit to 500 dollars,and provide 400 times leverage.Brief and fluent trading environment ,400 times leverage cooperating with mini account of proton trading,proton trading customers can realize to take part in the global foreign exchange transaction with a tiny bit of principal investment and very low capital risk,quickly enhancing trading experience will improve trading ability.In addition,Atom Markets also provides commission earning system for proton trading customers,customers can get additional commission earning experience while they are experiencing the trading and making profits.

Contact us so that you can clearly analyze the current market situation, determine the rising period or shock period and other different periods, to determine when to buy or sell
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MT4 client download
Meta Trader 4 is a perfect equipment trading place ,allowing to trade in financial market(foreign exchange,stock,futures),it provides important analytical tools and index to help you analyse financial market’s dynamic price,to trade in real time,to build and use automatic trading(EA system).It represents the concept of all functions at a suit.It is the most popular terminal in the world.Meta Trader 4 provides which people think is the most practical analysing tool.Each financial product may select quotes of 9 periods of time,provide dynamic quotes anlysis in detail.More than 50 index tools can help you to simplify your analysing work which makes you analyse the current markets’ situation clearly,to ensure the different periods like rising period or oscillation period,to confirm when to buy or sell ,in addition,you can manage different financial products through this way,this is a trading system in real time which makes you feel very useful.

Meta Trader 4 service characteristics

24 hours support
24 hours counterclaim permanent online Chinese service, relply e-mails rapidly.
Leverage transaction
Providing 1::100 trading leverage
Multifunctional phone
Multifunctional phone support
Swift deposit fund
Deposit online, receive in 5 minutes, online trading, drawings in office, receive in 9 hours without worrying fund safety.
Low spread
Spreads as low as 2 pips, trading hedge margin 0
0 commission ,no slippage
Zero commission,no any hiding charge, trade with one pip, absolutely no slippage

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ATOM Markets

Committed to be the most traditional online financial derivatives trader, facing dynamic retail customers and institution customers, providing comprehensive and superior service.ATOM Markets is your best choice in financial derivative industry!

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Notice on the arrangement of the 2018 Spring Festival holiday...

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Foreign exchange, CFD trading exist risks, please participate rationally!

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