Focus your team
on what matters most

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Propeller is a digital tool that simplifies and accelerates progress toward achieving team results.

Highly effective teams get four things right - every time.


They focus on top priorities


They coach each other in the moment


They solve problems faster together


They apply personal accountability in every situation

Hack complexity.

In a world of increasing disruption and speed, Propeller is the tool you need to quickly align and focus your team.

Align your team. Get results.

Test Propeller today.

Currently in beta by invitation only. Interested in joining? muselike.

Culture. Accountability. Results.

Partners In Leadership delivers proven, impactful, sustainable, and award-winning approaches to creating a Culture of Accountability in teams and organizations. We are culture and accountability thought leaders, culture change catalysts, and results champions. It’s more than a means to an end; it defines us and the solutions we build.


Based on proven processes
and simple models.