When thinking about how to build your own gaming PC, you may feel overwhelmed. There are so many parts and technical things to understand. We are here to help you decipher the hardware specifications and what they mean.

Now, you want to know the real secret to building your gaming rig? The secret that so few people actually address whether it be on YouTube, forums, blogs, and other sites?




Once you understand what to look for, assembly will run more smoothly!


How is This Site Different?

The Rig Path was created on the idea of empowering users by providing guides and information required to understand the underlying specifications of how to build your own gaming pc.

You might be thinking, “What is so difficult about building a computer?” You could just buy what you think might work and slap it together, or allow your fate to be determined by “part picker” sites. In theory, these approaches could be successful; however, you would be far better off knowing how your gaming rig really works, especially if you plan to upgrade your hardware.

Furthermore, perhaps you have done your “research” by visiting sites about the “best” or “The Top 10” parts based on performance or budget or a forum where users spout out a bunch of numbers and gibberish about memory or MOBOs (slang for motherboard). Maybe you wanted to learn how to build your computer by watching someone on YouTube assemble THEIR machine?

What people aren’t telling you is WHAT the terms and specifications mean! With this knowledge, you could build your own gaming PC.