Listen to me, OK?

I just want you to know that I know.


We have a soccer tournament in May.

I had hardly waited a minute when he came.

Trying to convince Myron to help us will be a complete waste of time.

I just have one question.

She dropped a bombshell upon him.

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.

Nowadays, there are still a few groups of people in different parts of the world who do not have permanent homes.

That was unavoidable.

He's starting to feel desperate.

Are you sure you're all right?

He made a premature decision on the matter.


Call me if you find her.

What have I done?

They will take it.

No house has only one roach in it.

Charlene rode a horse last week when he was at his grandfather's ranch.


Let's settle this once and for all.

That's lame.

Kamiya noticed that Albert was silent.

Lucifer is the only one capable of stopping them.

The poor get poorer, and the rich get richer.

I'm too tired to drive.

Prices vary with each store, so do your shopping wisely.


Who hates you?

The child wouldn't say 'yes'.

Raif was killed by his own gang members.

What did you measure it with?

I bought fresh bread.


Our children were at the same elementary school.

As a result, prices rose.

I plan to check to see if what he said was true or not.


The slightest mistake may lead to a fatal disaster.


Nguyen is very tech-savvy and often helps members of his family with their computing problems.

I'm allergic to fish.

What have you done with Revised?


I've finally found the woman I want to marry.

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Why is the door open?


Am I really that interesting?

I still make mistakes.

Isn't that dishonest?


Don't buy her anything.


Would you like some tea or coffee?

I think that an angel watches over me.

I love Irish music.


And also the gym uniform is still gym shorts, isn't it? I wonder why.

Seth didn't notice the surveillance camera.

This is quite possibly the greatest album ever!

They speak in so many different voices.

I only wish I could be as happy as you seem to be.

I am probably lost.

You can't save the world by yourself.

This is what you can do in order to improve your language skills.

He described the flight in detail.

Sandy used to work for a big firm in Boston.

What's the minimum salary in Georgia?

He lived to be ninety.

Don't worry. Ross will take care of it.

Maybe we should sit together.

Lar has no idea what I intend to do.

Even when being praised, modesty is important.

It's over, isn't it?

Those boys are sixteen-years-old.

Do me a favor and talk to them?

Due to the snow, the train was delayed.

There is no need to worry about funds.

I want to know when Granville began studying French.

I think we are happier than most people.

I can't open this bottle.

Kristian has been waiting for Bradford.

He bought six bars of soap yesterday.

I don't believe you two are acquainted.


Why are you studying French?


Do you still love your wife?

These clothes suit you.

I can't just walk away.

Joni is going to visit Ilya tomorrow.

Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

What's the future of Native American languages in the United States?

I prefer traveling on my own.


Tiefenthal isn't worried.

They missed the deadline.

How is the investigation's going?


Is that your dog?

I plan to tell her about you.

President John F. Kennedy announced as a national goal the landing of an American astronaut on the Moon.

I'm running for reelection.

Shawn accidentally set fire to the curtain.

They were troubled deeply by the changes they saw.

I didn't wake up yesterday

I'm sorry, I really messed up.

My father is dropping me off at the airport along the way.

I'm glad you brought this up.

Sanjib doesn't want you to do that.

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Penny rates a reward for that.

Other lands, other customs.

Wipe your tears.

The house is too small for five people to live in.

Smartphones would have seemed like science fiction ten years ago.

I still can't believe my luck.

There are many interesting animals in Australia.

Where exactly did you go?

Alas, I was late.

The young girl was chased by the old man.

Just stay here.

I live next to them.

Come back in five minutes.

Find out all you can about her.

You probably don't like them.

Do you love that man there?

Sylvan wasn't about to leave Devon alone with John.


He makes it a rule not to eat too much.


It seems to be quiet over there, right?

We hired a rent-a-car by the day.

I'm going to have to run.

Not everyone's like you.

It's up to you, Neil.

He is engaged in foreign trade.

Mr Ikeda wants to buy a new car.

He was devoid of human feeling.

A sewage treatment plant discharged toxic chemicals into the town's water supply.

I am as rich as you.

This is going to take hours.

We understand what's happening.

Mark agreed immediately.

Do you think he still wants to marry me?

I listened to a nine-minute Viennese waltz.

I'm just doing what has to be done.

Raif often writes about his friends in his blog.

Is Lucius a Canadian?

There have been no reports of injuries.

We were all children once.

He treated me badly.


What are you trying to do? Drive me insane?

I drink a soft drink.

We'll need help.

Would you mind if I made a few suggestions?

We haven't decided anything.

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The criminal disclosed all the facts of the case eventually.

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There's nothing left to be said.

I wish I could see her.

I am absent from school on occasion.

Nothing beats the pleasure of mutual understanding when using a foreign language.

Micah went over to the window and looked out.

Thank you so much for remembering.

Roy is secretive and Ted is candid.

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That book talks of a king who lost his crown.

Tarmi married Ramiro for her money.

It's boring to stay at home.

Is your house near here?

Were the sun to rise in the west, she would not change her resolution.

He is late.

The boy was watching the sheep.

How often do you see Surya?

When will you live in Sanda next year?

He is enrolled at that university.

It seems, from books, that the colonizers and adventurers went sailing off to a new fine life, a new country, opportunities, and so forth.

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She would benefit from a visit.


My watch went out of order.

She has never asked a favour of anybody.

Why did you agree to help her?

I'm working for McDonald's.

I don't want to make the same mistake Jerome made.

If you want more details about that, you'll have to ask my boss.

Maybe she died with a falafel in her hands.

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Gregge has made remarkable progress in French.

I've asked Narendra to help.

Cathryn has been having the same dream every night for the past six months.

When will I ever learn to mind my own business and keep my big mouth shut?

I'm sort of happy.

While at the fabric store, a small boy discovered large rolls of uncut fabric, which he unrolled and hid under, cackling like twelve squirrels.

Your enemy is certainly not mine.