Network Buildr

A matching software that allows you to
automatically connect with other professionals.
It's as simple as just one click.

Save Time &

Organizers using our software can now providing their existing online social groups and email lists 1-on-1 automatic matching allowing members to network and meet each other 24/7 without need to have an organizer facilitate introductions.

Backup Your Group’s Contact Info

Social Networks make it tough to backup contacts from your online social groups but with our software you’ll get access to your member’s emails. You’ll always be able to stay in touch with your group members, no matter where they come from.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Grow your online group faster and stay ahead of your competition. Our software will increase your group’s engagement, member to member trust, and increase its growth rate. Members receiving quality leads and matches are likely to refer friends.

Generate Leads For Yourself And Others

Our software connects people offering services with those in need of their services then suggests both parties meet. Enable your followers to find, connect, and form mutually beneficial business relationships faster with Network Buildr.

About Network Buildr

If you’re an organizer, online group admin, or thought leader wouldn’t you like a way to make maintaining and growing your groups easier? Our software allows you to provide matching services that allow your members to connect with each other automatically without you having to facilitate an event.

Let’s face it, sometimes members in a group just want to meetup in person and this puts extra pressure on the organizer to host events. Through our tool an organizer is able to allow their group members to manage themselves, and find valuable connections within the group 24/7 without putting pressure on the organizer to have another event. This means you have events when you want to and having events when you want to saves you time and money.

Sometimes an organizer has a group where they never meet up, but they are looking for a way to boost engagement. If you’ve ever had an online group where no one comments, an organizer has to make extra effort to post and push people to engage so that everyone stays in the group. Our tool creates ‘Auto-Engagement’ so your members not only stay in your group, but they tell others to join your group creating a viral growth effect. You the organizer work less when our tool is at work for your group.

Have you ever worried about losing touch with your members on Facebook, Linkedin, or ? Our tool allows you a quick way to obtain valuable data from your members ensuring that if you ever lose access to your social network, you’ll have a way to stay in touch with all your members you spent valuable time with.

How does it work? Simply signup for a free trial and Network Buildr generates a unique link for you to post into your existing social networking group. It doesn’t matter where your group is, or what network it’s on, any place you can post a link online our tool will create a closed circuit matching system that’s accessible to all your members. Once you post a link from our software into your group, you encourage all your member to fill out their contact info. Our software looks for commonalities between people based on the kind of people users say they want to meet. Our tool gets to work providing email matches people based on common interests to anyone that signs up to your link. Once matched, users can accept or decline the match. If both users press accept contact info is exchanged and users are prompted to meetup in real life, have a phone call, video chat or connect in any other meaningful way.

Who is Network Buildr for? Any Organizer, Marketer, business, or group admin that wants to provide a valuable self-serve matching service to their group of online followers.

Not only will your members get valuable leads and connections within your group, you the organizer can throw yourself into the mix too when you want and Speed network with all your members. With everyone meeting each other, stronger connections forge, the group grows faster, your members will be generating valuable leads for their careers and businesses, and you get to be the star that made it all happen. Sign Up today for a FREE trial to get started!


Create a private 1-on-1 matching system for all your online groups of professional connections. Help everyone stay connected the easy way! Subscribe and start your Free Trial Today!

Our software allows you to put ‘NETWORKING ON AUTOMATIC’ for all your professional networking groups.

Grow Your Online Groups Faster

Grow your group automatically. Rather than you hosting monthly events for your group to help it grow, this tool allows people to self-service meet in person with each other based on commonalities and interests, so you don’t have to spend your time or money facilitating introductions.

Build A Stronger Community

Your group will grow faster than groups that don’t have this tool. Your members will want to join your free group more so than other groups because you’re offering them valuable group matching. Give something to your members they’ll love you for. When you give your members leads and matches, they’ll certainly share your group with their friends, thus increasing your member trust, and increasing the group growth rate.

Put Engagement On Automatic

With our software, you get access to backup your group members’ emails and other matching data so you’ll always be able to stay in touch! Social Networks can revoke your access to your members at any time but with our software, you’ll have a backup of your members emails all in one spot.

This Tool is Amazing!

Matthew Winters- CEO Austin Visuals

This tool really helped save our organization lots of money

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This tool is incredible

Mark- President Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce