Making a positive difference for employees, partners, customers, and the community.

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Ethic Tech's mission is to make a positive difference for employees, partners and customers. As our name dictates, we strive to ALWAYS do things with the highest moral and ethical standards. Our vision is to establish long-term, positive, cooperative relationships with every stakeholder.

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Ethic Tech, LLC entered the SBA 8(a) Program on September 13, 2016, officially becoming a Native American, Small Economically Disadvantaged Business Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, with employees spread nationwide at government and commercial customer locations. The program allows SBA oversight to ensure Ethic Tech develops, establishes, and accomplishes all growth goals and objectives throughout each established stage of the 8(a) program. Ethic Tech's customer focus and determination to meet and exceed contract deliverables will ensure our long term success and growth through positive relationships in the DoD and commercial industries.

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