Do you think they'll be back for me?

Which wire should I cut, the red one or the white one?


How do we stop them?


She has traveled in foreign countries.

Stop harassing him.

You're on probation.

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Don't speak ill of him in his absence.


Rafik is a threat.


He put the gun to her head.


For the love of Christ, son, for the glory of Spain, eat your goddamned peas!

You pull up the blanket.

Did you show him that new book you bought?


I need to send you a long email soon!

Arthur is not available at the moment. May I take a message?

The speaker referred to his notes every few minutes.

The skier suffered a head trauma.

He only needs food and rest to live.

I'm young.

He laid on his back.

Dammit! That was our only way out!

We really need more American slang on Tatoeba, stat!

Don't do too many things at the same time.

It's one of the qualities I like most about you.

Do you think he's pretty?

He doesn't want kids.

Tell him it's important.

If there was no air, man could not live for even ten minutes.


Blood ran from his wound.


The works of Jorge Luis Borges were translated into more than twenty-five languages.

I don't want to be involved in this affair.

Tharen is very weak.

We got separated.

A few seconds ago I was in the open air and the bright daylight, and now my eyes refuse to serve me in this darkness.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them.

I never was very good at math.

What did you say your job was?

I became quite astonished by his sudden change of mood.

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You built that all by yourself?

You'd better enjoy it while you can.

There's no point in you meeting them, since you don't have much to offer.

Enjoy it while you can.

I have a fruit.

Alison's husband didn't even stick around until the baby was born.

I had to stay home.

We agreed that something must be done.

He was stupid enough to believe her.

Leads isn't sleepy.

Radek is very likely to succeed this time.

We don't approve of it.

I don't want to do anything to Kemal.

Trevor couldn't help noticing that there were many people doing things they weren't supposed to do.

They filled the jug to the brim.


I can say that now, but a little while ago I hated you.

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He's wearing a hat.

A mutiny on my ship? It's completely impossible.

Yesterday the teacher said to us, "I'll give you a test tomorrow."

I appreciate your directness.

Can we hurry this along?

I don't care about her anymore.

Pablo thought Loukas's idea was a good one.

I'm no friend of yours.

How do we get rid of them?

Happy birthday, Mom.

His decision to retire surprised all of us.

It is just slightly larger than a typical fob.

What time does she get up?

The monkey dances for money.

He will return to Japan some day.


Do you advertise in the Yellow Pages?


Winston and Ramiro named their third son John.

The shops are closed.

Compare unidirectional mass media such as radio and television with bidirectional ones such as correspondence and the Internet.

They fought for freedom of religion.

Vidhyanath is up next.

She wants to dye her hair red.

That seems to work.

It's perfectly understandable.

Moe is a man.

Are you girls all right?

The chicken laid an egg this morning.

I won't wear a wig.

The popularity turned her head.

Speaking in some languages sounds like playing.

No, I don't. You had better look it up in a telephone directory.

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The governor was furious.

I trust my friends.

I think I'll always love you.

I wonder if my mother is hiding something from me. She called me a "son of a bitch" today.

There was a phone call from a 50-year old man who had been told he had a year left to live due to heart disease.

I'm making guacamole.

Donn spoke calmly.

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Yesterday it was so cold that I stayed in the house.

He looked at me and said: "Hello!"

Where is the Russian embassy?


We have only two dollars.


Can you teach me Portuguese?

The Dead Sea lies below sea level.

The rainbow has seven colors.

No one shall be held in slavery.

Give it to me!

It's so comfortable here, I really feel at home.

I just got to the station. I'll be waiting for you at the library.

I've already spoken to Mario about that.

They say nothing is impossible.

They blotted out my name from the list.

I want to make it up to you.

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You seem real familiar to me.

You can use the book as long as you keep it clean.

My name is on the door.

Something told me not to pick it up.

That's a funny looking car.

I'll do what Martin says.

Sit down on the bench.

Stand up when I am talking to you.

He found her irresistible.

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Sho wanted Helen to sign a prenuptial agreement.


I am looking for a good hotel.


Sherri looks pretty relaxed.


I could not make myself understood in English.


It's time to go to the gym.

He believes you.

Who is Alvar Aalto?


I want to hold you.


Aren't you tired of doing that?

Please inform profit after taxes, amortisation, etc

Hartmann spread false rumors about Kate's parents.

Our city is free from air pollution.

The cat is inside the box.

The war had lasted four years.

I'm allergic to cats.


I lost my insurance when I was laid off at the plant.

Fritz scarcely seems to care for me, does she?

Brent decided to go.

The police found Lanny's hideout.

I'm satisfied with his progress.

Jeany looks surprised.

Let's grab something to eat.

The celebrations culminated in a spectacular fireworks display.

We've got some new business coming in and I want to discuss it with you. Do you mind getting involved?

Do you want to go to a ball game?

Jones arrived at the train station at 3 o'clock.

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You know what it's like.


We take a rest at noon.

The translation of this sentence is a bad translation.

What's her occupation?


I don't want to add trouble to Raif.

I can't listen to this anymore.

The hunter explored the appearance of the sky.

I am a member of the tennis club.

There used to be a large park here.


We cannot speak too highly of his great achievements.

Have you told Gypsy why you want to study French?

What kind of things do you usually eat?

Tell me the time when you will come.

She is now better off than when she was young.

Does Case play tennis well?

Newscasters blink once every second.

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Kimmo looked around and then whispered something into Tricia's ear.

All the divers already had their wet suits on.

His jealousy began to raise its head again.

As of today, we haven't had an answer from him.

The peasant reaps the harvest.


I'm surprised to hear you say that.


I think Conrad hangs out with Vistlik too much.


Pablo always wears a hat.