What're you going to do on Friday?

Leung decided to see if he could get into that club.

Skating is fun.

I don't like the way Ralf looks at me.

I have many friends who speak fluently, but still don't sound like native speakers.

Listen well to the meaning of what I'm saying.

Thursday Island is situated in the Torres Strait between Australia's northernmost Cape York and New Guinea.

He's coming with us.

In Esperanto, the penultimate syllable is stressed.

I plan on being here all afternoon.

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He plays piano.

We are designing technology for common people.

I saw them a few minutes ago.


Are you aware of what might happen?

The police thoroughly searched the house.

I wonder if you ever think of me.

The snow-flake appeared larger and larger, and at last took the form of a lady dressed in the finest white crape, her attire being composed of millions of star-like particles. She was exquisitely fair and delicate, but entirely of ice, glittering, dazzling ice; her eyes gleamed like two bright stars.

I see no means of solving this.

From now on, I'm going to say what's on my mind.

He took a line from Shakespeare.

She is busy preparing for an examination.

What can we possibly give him?

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I shall never give up.

This must be a joke.

You can't afford to antagonize Kevyn.

He has a huge feather.

How much do you know about Knut's job?

She went with him to the zoo.

Life is short. Have some fun!

My father didn't allow me to marry him.

The first lesson in democracy is to abide by the will of the people.

Pour me a drink.

They wanted jobs with the government.

Lance's house must be around here somewhere.

Where are Gypsy and Seth right now?


How old is your son?

I'm at the beach.

Sixty minutes make an hour, and a minute is made up of sixty seconds.

Why do they call New York the Big Apple?

Can you identify the man in this picture?

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He eats nothing more than fruit.

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Lee didn't know he'd insulted anybody.

She asked him why he was crying.

Did Ti hurt Monica?

This is the best Christmas present I've ever received.

I just had breakfast with Michael.


As far as my experience goes, such a plan is impossible.

This utterly discredits him as a scientist.

Teruyuki said he was going to quit.

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We should better go to another room. They'd easily hear us here.


The refugees struggled against hunger.

Marcia will be fine, won't he?

She was wearing a strange hat.


I water the flowers.

Burning with anger, she slapped him.

This is where I absolutely disagree with you.

Cyrus is not available at the moment. May I take a message?

You are important.


He went on working.

Since he ran so fast, they couldn't catch up with him.

You have only to set out on a trip by yourself.

He cheated death many times on the battlefield.

That's a strange problem.

You are my friends.

Winnie cringed when he saw Jacobson walk into the room.


Between you and me, he was dismissed for bribery.

You guys should be more careful.

Take your time. It's a marathon, not a sprint.


One should keep one's promises.

Is there anything you need to tell me?

Waking up is the opposite of falling asleep.

Hillary, shut up and listen to me.

Hy woke up the next morning feeling great.


How long are you going to stay in Japan?

Their mother let them play in the field.

A soccer team consists of eleven players.


Unfortunately the poet died in his youth.

There is nothing for teenagers to do.

Could I have some coffee, please?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.

The horse ran through the fields.


The fight resulted in several arrests.


Why are textbooks so expensive?

He loves to eat.

Rob is often disrespectful towards his teachers.

Is that all clear?

The bed is unmade.

Carter is a real friend.

I believe he is not guilty of the crime.

You need to lose some weight.

It's too late to re-negotiate terms.


Do we have to help Ping?


Place the words in the appropriate order to make sentences.


Suyog doesn't seem to be interested in politics.

Are you confident?

'Managing' simply means taking the blame for everyone's mistakes.

Moses came down from the mountain bearing divine commandments.

She's not breaking the law.

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We walked out of the movie.

I have seen a UFO.

The door opened and Rhonda came in.

She gave me this compact disc.

The crops failed last year.


This is romantic.

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The town is two miles away from the coast.

What was your other choice?

It will prove to be up to expectation.


I think that's exactly what Dimetry is expecting you do.

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Nicolo was dead drunk.

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He decided to specialize in physics at college.

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It's been fun for us.


Could you fill up the ice cube trays and put them in the freezer?

Jesus is always smoking.

Jin said that there was one left.

Brandon is wet.

Marsh stood near the door.


He graduated from law school.

Lila did the best he could, but he still got bad grades.

Arabic is difficult!

Pete's father told him to forget about becoming an artist, because he'd never earn enough to live on.

David leaned down for a closer look.

They're all fine, thank you.

Does this make any sense to you?

What was your favorite?

I'd better go check on them.

Nhan is going to prison.

Emil told me he was glad to see me.

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The newspaper said that contact with the plane had been lost.


He makes my life a living hell.

Just see for yourself.

Are you going out tomorrow?


Could you please wait a minute?

I forgot to tell her.

Chill out, Johnathan.

Well, that helps a lot.

The politician lost his position in the end.

Don't ask questions. Just follow orders.

It'll be difficult to glue the two pieces together.


I don't know why, but I thought about you as soon as I read this.


My parents are going to buy a new CD.

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She knows what to do now.


Beware of thieves.


Do you know why he put off his departure?

She told her superior what she thought.

Willie is upstairs resting.

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We hated them.

When a girl has sex for the first time, her hymen ruptures and bleeds.

When I saw that Bernard had a gun, I got scared.

I had hardly gone to bed when the telephone rang.

No, I don't have it right now.

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She's lucky she didn't get shot.

Pradeep quickly went in the room.

Everyone was sitting around the table.

Where's your sister?

When was the last time you saw Nick at school?

I'd like to rent a compact car.

Leads arrived in time.

Who does not admire Kurt?

Sonja thinks women in America wear too much perfume.

What should I do now?

Some people believe that polar bears walk around freely in the streets of Norway. Luckily, it's just nonsense.