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English Language iTutoring

Improve your English through practice and feedback


Working with ELT teachers

Are you teaching English as Foreign Language?

ELiT can support your teaching practice, save you time and help your students get the best results possible.

Explore the Improve product range.

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Delivering integrated language learning assessment

We have developed a robust API that allows access to our automated assessment engine for ESOL texts.

Commercial level access is available for many of our projects including Write & Improve + and our assessment API.

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Supporting students

Write & Improve is the best way to improve students’ written English.

It is the reliable, new way to improve writing skills. And it’s completely free for learners of English!

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Our R&D

“The data-driven approach is the only way to create tools like these,” says Professor Ted Briscoe. “Building automated tests that use multiple choice is easy. The stuff we are doing is messy, and it’s ever- changing. We’ve shown that if you train a system to this year’s exam on data from 10 years ago the system is less accurate than if you train it on data from last year.”

This is why, says Briscoe, it’s unimaginable to reach a point where the machines have learned enough to understand and predict almost all of the typical mistakes learners make: “Language is a moving target. English is constantly being globalised; vocabulary changes; grammar evolves; and methods of assessment change as progress in pedagogy happen. I don’t think there will ever be a point when we can say ‘we are done now’.” Professor Ted Briscoe, June 2015, www.cam.ac.uk/research/features/computer-tutor

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About Us

What we do

Advances in computational linguistics and machine learning can be used to provide a range of tools to support learners of English and ELT teachers in the classroom. ELiT has developed patented technology to do this within a robust pedagogical framework.

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What we create

ELiT is developing a range of Improve products to support English language learners.

We have created Write & Improve, Write & Improve+, and a generic API to access our automated assessment engine.

Coming next a beta version of Read & Improve.


Who we are

Established in 2014, ELiT brings together academics and tech entrepreneurs and employs a range of highly qualified software engineers, computational linguists, data scientists and an annotation team including ELT teachers.

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Write & Improve

Write & Improve combines big data, artificial intelligence and connectivity with task based, scaffolded communicative pedagogy…… It is this type of innovation which will bring the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the classroom. It opens up new ways of learning, teaching and assessment.
Saul Nassé, CEO Cambridge Assessment English
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Write & Improve+

Write & Improve +Class View and +Test Zone are subscription products offering specific support for teachers and specialised exam practice.

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Write & Improve API


We have developed a robust API, that allows access to our automated assessment engine for ESOL texts.


Read & Improve

We are actively developing Read & Improve. Access is available to the beta test data-gathering engine.

We will apply the same rigour and technological approach as we did for Write & Improve.

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Our Mission

We aim to harness the power of technology to deliver robust automated assessment and nuanced feedback to support teachers in the classroom setting, as well as the solo learner on their mobile far removed from any educational institution.

We do not believe that automated assessment will replace human teachers and examiners anytime soon, but it can add great value to their work. For example, it can provide additional layers of quality control, speed up processes and allow teachers to offer more objective in-course tests which give detailed diagnostic feedback to help students to improve their English more effectively.
Nick Saville, Director Research & Validation at Cambridge English

ELT Teachers

Info & Resources

Information for ELT teachers and access to our resources supporting teachers.

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Evaluate the API

Find out more and check out what the API can do for your products or request the API documentation and evaluation credentials by contacting us.

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