Charles was taken aback when she noticed that the photofit of the suspected burglar looked like Jurevis.

I came here to talk to Chris.

I am commuting to university.

Can I use your computer?

Ramanan bought this for me in Boston.

The removal of the load-bearing beam compromised the structure of the building.

Louiqa couldn't persuade Manny to stay.

Mother set the table for dinner.

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Did you enjoy the movies?

Laurianne misled Bob.

He popped a balloon besides my ear and I was really scared.


She had tears pouring down her cheeks.

You sure have a beautiful garden!

Jean and Gale are bickering with each other.

Molly wasn't sleepy.

When she saw Ozawa's face, she became red up to the base of her ears.

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Is your job dangerous?


Foreign trade consists of a two-way flow of commodities-export and import.

I went to the book store.

They know about it.

My dog is wagging his tail.

Did you eat all the cookies?


That's my coat.

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That was the disappointing part.

Let's do someone a favor.

Whenever Reinhard would go into her parents' house, for her it was like a journey through time: nothing had changed since the day she'd gone away to study; her parents had discarded nothing; everything was in its place just as she had left it.

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I can't fire Lenny.

Where exactly is Duane?

I hate every single other country. Even Palau.

Keep all the doors locked.

That could be helpful.

She was laughed at by her friends.

My father died when I was seven years old.

May I see your license?

We still love each other.

Galileo did not invent the telescope.

Luckily, Judy was among the survivors.


I don't think it gets any better than that!

The police suspected the truck's cargo.

It's all so absurd.

He can do five somersaults without breaking a sweat.

Plans have not been finalized.


Norbert's friends called him Mr Money Bags.


"A merry Christmas, uncle! God save you!" cried a cheerful voice.

I'm proud to be your father.

I'm trying to be reasonable.

Warm human relations were fostered.

He was not born blind.

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Racist people are ignorant.

I can't really talk about it.

It was her fault.

The top of the mountain is covered with snow.

Give me three minutes.


I lost the thread of his argument.

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What girl are you talking about?

I saw something.

Please don't leave us here.

My dream is to be the First Lady.

Did Pravin ever ask about Christie?

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It is often said that Osaka is a city of commerce.


Holly looks a bit nervous.

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Kolkka is working with us.

Karen and Randolph went to the beach by bicycle.

He ran so fast that they couldn't catch up with him.

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Near-death experiences have a noetic quality.


I was relieved that I could make my broken English understood.

My uncle manages a firm.

He is a freethinker.

We are full just now.

You haven't seen Rees, have you?

What language do you speak at home?

Why did it have to be you?


We all know what Ranjit did.

At night all cats are grey.

We had so many good times together.

Mr Kinoshita left his glasses behind in the office yesterday evening.

I've had too much to drink.


You've read through the book, haven't you?

That's just my personal opinion.

I know he likes jazz music.

You really did it.

Your thirty minutes are up.

I thought Ronni was one of them.

Honzo isn't armed.


Are you busy tomorrow afternoon?


How did you know I grew up in Boston?

It would be great if I could use a hyphen in my username.

I thought he loved me.


I was wondering if I could borrow your car.

Smoking can cause breast cancer.

Do you care who helps us?

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His way of thinking is very childish.

You always were good at math.

She is not my sister but my mother.

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Is it harder to forgive or to forget?


University was a wonderful experience.

When was the last time you took the subway?

You don't need this.

We tried for almost an hour.

If you don't finish your plate in three minutes, you won't get dessert.

I'm afraid that I don't want to discuss this matter.

The sentence is not grammatically accurate.

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Please turn over the page.


He threw in the towel.

Is it too early to call her?

They both fell in love with the same man.

"Do you want it to eat here, or take away?" "Eat here please."

Jerrie plugged in his computer.


Put him in.

What kind of demands are they making?

Trade leads to national progress.

She stood up.

We haven't been able to find out where Ilya got his degree.

Where did you stay?

Have you both lost your minds?


What sound does a giraffe make?

I think you've been trying to make me angry.

Erick hasn't been working hard enough.

He is very knowledgeable on the subject.

I hear the governor's been getting money under the table from tobacco companies.

I'm calling to tell you about my day.

There are books on my bookshelf that I haven't read.

Louiqa is now in Boston.

My knife has gotten dull.

I need to know who I have to give this to.

He often goes off on wild goose chases.


Her brother is married, but he doesn't have children.

I'm going to town for flour and other supplies.

Sir has quite a few books.

The man in the doorway was not an easy customer, the kind of guy all the waitresses hoped that someone else would serve.

I don't give a damn what they think.

Everyone knew us.

Sorry about earlier.

Galen and Annie were already eating dinner when I got home.

The last couple of weeks have been crazy!

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Everybody ran outside.

"Climb back from the comment area, I feel lonely and I'm scared!" shouted Leon, anxious.

Shakespeare is too hard to read.

I cannot do without this book.

Let's pray to God, and He will answer our prayers.

Vilhelm has had a minor accident.

We have two dogs, three cats, and six chickens.


It's best not to talk so much.

There are no witnesses of the accident.

The words covered are steadily increasing, so check frequently.

I knew I shouldn't have mentioned it.

Do cats see in the dark?


It was a learning experience.

"Give me a fresh bottle," he said.

She was very proud of her father.

I should take this.

Do you have time to come tomorrow?

Amos squeezed the trigger.

We are designing technology for common people.


He seems like a nitpicker.

Preparations for the ceremony are under way.

The ground was waterlogged after several days of rain.

I knew what was going to happen.

When Izzy translates one of my sentences, I feel glad to be alive.

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Carl's skiing.


The question is before the committee.


Are you still together?