It's a fact.

Not everybody is poor.


This hat is too big for you.


Stay out of it.

A new team was formed in order to take part in the race.

Improved medical technology has been one of the spin-offs of the space program.

You need to apologize to King.

Audrey has apparently committed suicide.


What else does Edmund need to do?


I can't do it alone.

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It's been ages since we last talked. Let's catch up this weekend over coffee.

She has a fascination with French food.

You're not going to eat.

He plays beach volleyball.

Do you like my T-shirt?


All the patients eventually died.

And since she refused to accept it, she had been living in extreme discomfort, exclaiming: "Why should we spend all the capital we are ever likely to have tying ourselves down to a place we detest!"

Old raised his hand.

He is not taller than I.

These people can't be trusted.

I think Polly was out of line.

Have you finished the job?

The children of American soldiers staying in Japan and Japanese women were disparagingly called half-breeds.

I don't have time to go to the movies.

Don't dodge the issue, I want you to answer my question.

We had a long wait for the bus.

That's an interesting hypothesis.

I heard her speaking English as fluently as an American.

I would rather have a sandwich than a toast.

He has been gaining weight.

If you want something done, do it yourself!

Sanity has too much time on his hands.


You don't have to eat it.


You don't have to behave like this.


They won't believe me even if I swear it is true.

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He came back to Japan for the first time in eight years.

Do you like me, too?

Reiner let this golden opportunity go by.

The children aren't capable of weighing complicated things.

Did you ever kiss her?


To tell you the truth, his speeches are always boring.

I was very surprised at the huge fish.

Can you try?

Edmund took the bracelet off her wrist.

Luckily, it worked.

Whose ring is it?

How are y'all?

He suffered from a bad cold.

She's lost her car keys.


This hall is very big.

He would serve a number of years.

Claudia has no weaknesses.


You're incredibly hot.

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You've got to see this.

I slept like a baby.

The girl is not old enough to be responsible.


The apples he sent me were delicious.

Farm animals were taken away or killed.

Can I help you cook?

I know a girl who speaks French.

Son doesn't help me.

You have a tendency to talk too fast.

This is the American way of life.


Wendell didn't seem to be busy.

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Fire devoured the forest.

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Ricardo hardly ever complains about anything.

We must treat these problems as a whole.

Would you help me post these letters?


More students than ever before have sat for their bar examinations this year.

This is some type of watermelon.

That gives me a headache!

My neighbours are my friends.

I'm accustomed to sitting up late.

Did you turn the stove off?

That's actually pretty cool.


The cellar-door flew open with a booming sound.

I guess it depends on the weather.

Cary is an embarrassment.

I've had enough, so my stomach is full.

You better go.

Many goods are transported across the globe by ship.

I know I can do more.

All sold out!

It isn't exactly what I said.

What language does Phillip usually speak?

I don't need a doctor.


What am I supposed to do now?

Vandals wreaked havoc in the abandoned house.

It was a satisfying meal.


We won't get to you until tomorrow.

Have you studied Darwin's theory of evolution?

I like the sound of that.

Not an anna in hand, but call me administrator nonetheless.

Where is the nearest church?

We are not here to arrest you.

How much time did we lose?

I've got to shave before leaving.

We have a kid.

Brodie didn't want to tell Granville that he had lost all her money.

Study with us!

It was a scary moment.

I told Gunter you already knew Emily.


Norman should apologize to Andre for not arriving on time.


You're going to make me lose my head!

Shadow doesn't want me to see what he's doing.

That was excusable.

Isidore is very nervous.

I'm ready!

His father died after his return home.

Sriram is pretty unusual.


Ning is going to tell Knut where he thinks John went.

I'm just a taxi driver.

I get only five days off this summer.

I don't like your hat.

I'm too busy to help her.


I asked him to open the window.

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He's older, but no wiser.


The joke is on Clayton.

Do you agree with Christian?

Caroline Herschel lived to be 98 years of age.


I love your car.

I can tell you things you won't hear from anyone else.

He asked for some money.

Why can't you just be honest about it?

I get along with my younger brother.


General Motors laid off 76,000 workers.

You don't have to say that you love me.

The driver told us to be careful when we got off the bus.

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Even if you rack your brains over it, you won't solve it.


Is Justin Bieber becoming a father?

Theo didn't make his position clear.

That customer over there has been here since we opened.

Vern told Naomi that he could smell alcohol on John's breath.

Let's start at once and have done with it.

He walked in front of me.

Savings bonds are a stable investment.


Why would that bother Marsha?


We need all the facts.

Jean-Christophe had a change of heart.

Would you please explain it more simply?

You should probably buy something warm to wear.

I've paid a little for that.


The new medicine saved me from an illness.

He managed to get home before dark.

Hey, what did you actually think, when you agreed to that?


Rolfe really likes swimming, doesn't he?

We won't go out if it doesn't stop raining.

It's not like the movies.

They go to watch a play once every month.

I only left him one message.

I know where Norma lives.

The song is well-known to everyone.

We'll need that.

I think that creating a work of this kind in this particular way will cause more harm than benefit!

Tell us what you saw.

Today is Valentine's Day.

A man is never so on trial as in the moment of excessive good fortune.

It all started on a January morning.


Do not place the console close to magnetic fields produced by magnets or loudspeakers.

From the look on his face, he is in a bad mood now.

Knut is always criticizing me.

Lars felt something was wrong.

After having spent so much money on Christmas gifts, she found herself in a tough spot.