Ikeda made several silly mistakes, and so he was told off by the department head.

Keep your head low.

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I don't want this.

She is a college student.

He felt a bit better the next day.


They must come here at once.


The springtime of life is short.


The audience filled the hall.


My house is filled with things.


My 3-year-old is really getting on my nerves.

I don't dig up their potatoes.

Is everything prepared?


She makes her own clothes.


Lori is going to pay you a visit this afternoon.

To kill two birds with one stone.

Many clients went to the able lawyer for advice.

I've got a terrific surprise for you.

I shouldn't have touched anything.

Kittens are cute and friendly.

Alcohol doesn't solve any problems.

Just hold me.

How much is that all together?

I offered Mahmoud a drink of vodka, but he refused it.

People, goods and money are all free to move across national borders in the region.


Sergio has a scar from when she tried to commit suicide.

I'm sorry, but I have to go to the gym.

You won't be the first.

Let's put this in the corner.

It was my plan.

You should be getting ready.

I'm not dancing for you.

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I assume you're referring to what happened here recently.

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Our school is a ten-minute walk from here.

I think I can fix this.

Reading a lot of books is a good thing.

To err is human. To blame someone else for your mistakes is even more human.

He appealed to the judge for mercy.

Victoria turned on the car radio.

Franklin had a lot of secrets.

I think we should do this some other time.

The baby can't walk yet.

William poured some milk from the bottle into a bowl for his cat.

That's just the way it is.

Her sewing basket, dresser drawers and pantry shelves are all systematically arranged in apple-pie order.

The hotel we stayed at was very nice.

It has been confirmed.

Though I refused repeatedly, he insisted that I should go there.

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Ji gets indigestion and heartburn when he eats too much rich food.

I never liked school.

We used to go out every night.

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She saved some money for a rainy day.

I can follow you partly.

The station's near the hotel.


There was nothing Sidney could've done.

When did you return from London?

I better go check on those cookies.

Loyd couldn't find anyone to help him.

Daniele can't seem to understand what Spock is trying to say.

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The figure will be astronomical.

The love of the community is more important to me than money.

If what Lea told me is true, then we have nothing to worry about.


Frederic moved to Boston last winter.

It's changed so much, there are some places I don't even recognise.

I think we'll have to help her.

Well, that's a fair question. But here's another question. Don't you think that you are asking too many questions at once?

Why don't we break for lunch?

That, however, tells you just about as much as you would know about water if you were told that it was wet.

They gave me a good deal.


That actor's quite a ham.

You have the right to do whatever you want.

I need her to vouch for me.


He stood up.

I understand perfectly.

Margot reached for the book, but it was out of reach.

Don't you think I know my own sister?

We are thankful for your kindness.

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Do you want to go to a movie?


The immigrants dream of having a new, better life.

Tuan walked over to the woman with a drink in her hand and asked her what her name was.

I am your only hope, captain. If you don't do as I say, you and your crew will perish.

Can you suggest me a good tavern?

What brand of cigarettes do you smoke?

I want to ask you something, Ms. Ionescu.

He has blue eyes and fair hair.

She works as an au pair.

The essence of a person depends on the influence of good or bad friends.

Should I be worried about him?

There was a thick fog around.

I'm pretty sure Conrad has already made up his mind.

Did you get a reply from them?


Ai finds it difficult to make friends with Ken.


Please give me your credit card.

Cross off the names of the people who have paid their dues.

Naren doesn't like mashed potatoes.


Tell me your real name.

The president handed the speech to the reporter.

Sanjib will know what that means.

It's too late for you.

The moment I saw him, I knew he was angry.


A helicopter circled over us.


Martha is doing good work.

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What an ego!

Yes, it's true I've forgotten the world. Who cares about it but you? Luckily, you're there to save it!

Shareholders were concerned about the company's swift expansion overseas.

Everybody is very busy.

If you want it done well, I'm your man.


Would you mind if I shut the window? I have a slight cold.

I waited forever, and finally, John came.

I'm hoping to find them.

Since then, I haven't heard of her.

You'll never guess what Jussi bought.

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I admit that, without him, those ten years of my life would have been empty and without goals.


We have to find Maurice's hiding place.

Does he need to go right away?

I said I'm tired of it.

I'm sure Anita will like it.

Monica left a message on Erwin's answering machine.

It's strange that you ask me for a motorcycle when you are afraid of going by bike.

I prefer to drive a manual car, while my brother prefers an automatic.

Let Vassos speak.

The trial went on day after day.

I did everything Pilar asked me to do.

The idea is good. There is just one problem: Matt has not yet said yes.

A decision has been made.

I will try, but I do not know for sure if I can go to the movies tomorrow or not.

Of the three girls, Emi was the one who danced most beautifully.

There's one thing I must tell Devon.

These aren't yours, are they?

My ears feel plugged up.

Six months later, Dan was back in jail.

I don't deserve anything.

The following people were put to the test.

This made me laugh so hard.


Please extend this visa.

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Margie asks me the same questions every time he sees me.


I had to do something fast.

What was he doing when you saw him?

I bet you didn't expect to see me again so soon.


I still want a horse.


He stopped crying.

Lincoln died in 1865.

They are preparing themselves.

I hope I don't end up like him.

After school, their lives diverged.

Leads and Andy are cousins.

Jarl knows the capital of every country in the world.


This little grouping of chairs looks like a horse.

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Why are you assuming Erwin is behind all this?

I've never seen my cat act like that.

Enjoy the moment.

They have been married for ages.

This is the best time of year.


I was the one who said we should wait.

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But he doesn't know it yet.


I object to being treated like a child.

Both Christopher and Molly lived in Boston when they were kids.

I dropped the controller.

Never give up till the very end.

I was all but dead at that time.

Flavio is in his senior year of high school.

I feel just fine.