I think it's obvious.


My dog sometimes eats grass.


Is your coworker an American?

I wondered what Eddy was going to say.

Mezian is writing a sentence on the whiteboard.


Teresa announced his retirement last Monday.

Is it safe to eat this?

The course will be continued at nine.

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Which of the two ways do you choose?


Where was it made?

If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties.

Here's the money I owe you.


Some people think microwave ovens aren't safe.

Shannon wanted to be a minister.

I'm only trying to help you help yourself.

He acted fairly towards me.

He told me that his grandfather is over ninety.

Harris and Dalton were supposed to meet us here.

Will has no neighbors.

Last night, we celebrated a friend's birthday with cases of Champagne, we ended up completely wasted.

They say she's good at cooking.

He was excluded from the team.

Don't leave until we get there.

Both the parents are still living.

Let's not keep her waiting.

The journey greatly added to his store of knowledge.

Who do we owe money to?


Tell him I'll come back.

That's the best one.

Red-haired people tend to have freckles.

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He bought a double-barreled shotgun.

Caroline left a big tip for the waiter.

What a cheerful story!

Even if it isn't true, it's still rather clever.

The expert analyzed the statistics in detail.


The thief got away with the money.

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The bus drivers are going on strike today.


That's pretty old.

We got a standing ovation.

I'll tell you about it someday.

An 18-year-old male is in hospital after an altercation at a party last night.

Those children are in exuberant spirits.

Salt is sold by weight.

I've never actually met Melinda.


I was very impressed by his good behavior.

Are you making us sandwiches?

Have you ever eaten Turkish food?

That sounds a little complicated.

That's what she told me.


There was a large audience at the piano recital last night.

This is from me.

Dean isn't a team player.

The trade agreement must provide a level playing field in which to compete.

All traffic was halted to let the presidential motorcade pass.

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Tiefenthal and her friend took a selfie together.


Those things are parasites!

I need to get a hold of Eugene.

He is at home on batting.

I really missed you when you were in France.

What were you going to say?


I asked for his help.


He dozed off in history class.

Keep your hand still.

What does the fox say?

You're the one who invited her.

Is the Loch Ness monster real or is it just an elaborate hoax?

Surya is probably swimming now.

Torsten wished he was back in Boston.

I'm not very good at speaking Arabic.

We're wildly looking for the evidence to our own existence.

The superintendent lives on the ground floor.

I took my little sister by the hand when we crossed the street.

Tell her to get in here.

Do you like horror movies?

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I don't know why I have to do this.

Many diseases result from poverty.

A couple of years ago, this book was exposed as a fraud.


I'm a student, but he isn't.


Roberto might even be richer than we thought he was.


Jos crossed his arms.

You need a new hat.

Without your help, I would fail.

It is blowing very hard.

He is such a tall man that he can touch the ceiling.


That reply isn't correct, but it sounds interesting to me.

I had my car stolen last night.

Now I seldom go to the movies.

I've got a previous engagement.

I'm happy with my salary.


We're getting warmer.

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Marcos loves to study music.

I'm trying to meet the deadline.

A timely snow promises a good harvest.

I'd like two one-way tickets from A to B.

Are you really going to let Diane do that?

The extra room proved very useful when we had visitors.

Where is the Swedish embassy?


He asked me some questions about the math test.

I want you to take this medicine.

Perhaps we'll see you both later.


That's all he has.


We didn't help Rik escape.

The air by the sea is pure and healthy.

The earthquake was a terrible experience.


Dominic is three years ahead of Dannie at school.

I didn't hurt them.

This one is on me.


To keep good silent is more difficult than to speak well.

Nobody saw me do it.

Nobody wants to work with you.

People like me.

Pradeep has meetings all day on Mondays.

She dusts the furniture every day.

I didn't finish the job.

The new secretary doesn't strike me as efficient.

There's blood in the water.


He connects himself with the law firm.

I didn't think that your wife was so old.

The father gave his own life in order to save his daughter's.

If I knew that, I'd tell you.

Do you need a hug?

I don't want Charles to make the same mistake I made.

That was a nasty surprise.


Did you mean for both of these sentences to be one contribution?


What time do you have supper?

Phill says he has no idea what needs to be done.

Do you have a table in your room?

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He is an excellent piano player. In addition, he is a good singer and a very good dancer.

The politician first made a name for himself as an actor.

She can't be over thirty.


As a result of his carelessness, he made a serious blunder.


I received my electricity bill.

I just wish I had fired Vidhyanath sooner.

Her dress has white spots on a blue background.


He is near forty.

I know what it's like to be lonely.

It's water.

There's no way I can do it.

Could you shout to Saul and tell him it's breakfast time?

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I'm having a hard time with German grammar.

Don't leave the room.

When did you go home?

The defense lawyer was confident that he would be able to answer the prosecutor's arguments in his rebuttal.

A quadriga is a chariot drawn by four horses.

My memory failed me. I just could not remember his name.

What's this got to do with us?


My dog keeps trying to beg for carrots, but when he gets them he always spits them out.


You should not spend more money than you earn.

Intelligent design means to keep things simple.

Pia has decided to stay behind.

She laughed happily.

He could not go out because of a bad storm.

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I still haven't received your e-mail. Maybe you wrote down my e-mail address wrongly?


I'm going to try to be much more careful from now on.

What time will you get back? I'll treat you to a meal.

That will show them!

The oil in mayonnaise sometimes separates from the other ingredients.

The flood began to subside.