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We help visualize the data in your Excel sheets
on a beautiful map.

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MapGrove Studio is no Google Maps.

Where Google Maps makes it really simple to display geographical overview and plot routes, Studio aims to display regional data on maps.

MapGrove maps can be used to highlight / mark different areas in the map and color them. Manually (using the areas in the map), or using data (from a purchased dataset or an uploaded CSV- or Excel-file) to emphasize differences between regions.

Until now creating beautiful maps was the domain of GIS-experts and cartographers. Tools like 7247328890 (by esri), MapInfo (by Pitney Bowes) enable GIS-professionals to map their spatial data in their advanced tools.

With MapGrove Studio we aim to make the transformation from data to a map as easy as drawing in MS Paint.

Our solution is aimed at non-GIS experts; Business Professionals that quickly want to display their data on a map.

Studio outputs bitmap images (png) and high resolution vector images (pdf)
for reporting, online use and in print.


Visualize what regions create most sales.


Transform data regarding crime rates, unemployment rates, wind energy, election results and much more into information.


Create beautiful, insightful maps from your Excel sheets or CSV files.
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We have maps on various scales, ranging from the global level, down to the postcode level.

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