We pay them well.

He placed emphasis on the importance of education.

Tasmania is on the 40 degrees South latitude.

Mr. Mailer is scheduled to stay here until tomorrow.

I was trying to protect them.

Saad was relieved to hear that Ira had arrived home safely.

Did you know that your air conditioner is broken?

Are all the bars shut?


Reiner doesn't seem to be concerned about anything.


Rain, rain go away!

There is a dragonfly on the ceiling.

I'll get rid of Russ.


Did you see this man?

She stayed there for several days.

If you turn on me like that, I cannot talk any more.


The reason is very simple.

Nguyen is my student.

His father lost his job recently.


These shoes will stand up to hard use.


I saw you outside.

To apply further analysis to documents and files matching the keywords and find the hidden truth is "knowledge".

To my surprise, the anthropologist was accused of murder.

The activists were last seen in a remote, forested corner of Brazil.

I just needed some water.

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It's worth a closer look.

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How many cups of coffee did you drink?

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A large crowd had gathered on the street.

Ronni wants pepperoni on his pizza.

You're unoriginal.

Clyde came to visit us just last week.

He's Australian.

Nguyen noticed that the mailbox was open.

He made her a new coat.

He was completely absorbed in the book.

Give examples.

Can you come to the office by train?

The news caused her much pain.

We stayed at a hotel in front of the station.

Don't you worry about Anton?

That's not a choice.

Many people define success as the possession of large amounts of money.

That book is familiar to all young children.

Are they both the same?

This is difficult for her.

My grandmother went peacefully in the night.

I think you'll miss me when I'm gone.

Birds make a nest in the springtime to raise their babies in.


I know some friends of Nancy's.

Do you believe in the Great Pumpkin?

The largest muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus.

Biologists view the chupacabras as a contemporary legend.

Don't press your luck, kid.

Is anything missing from your pocketbook?

She put two calls in for Suyog.

Run faster, otherwise you will miss the train.

It is, no doubt, an immense advantage to have done nothing, but one should not abuse it.

We have 30 minutes.

Let's call a bus.


Some men can't handle women in positions of power.

The line's been busy all day.

Mr Tanaka makes a living by running a small stationery shop near the station.

Tell Boyce he can't go.

Where's the nearest gas station around here?

Both of them are teachers.

Don't make me come in there.


I didn't say I knew how to speak French.


I didn't allow animals in the hotel.

Can we leave?

Werner lived in Boston until he was ten years old.

Where did you grow up?

Joseph didn't know where the money came from.

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I'm sure he trusts you.

The woman stays at home with the child.

You finished the race, didn't you?

Huashi fell in love in Germany.

That's pretty big.


Tell Skef I'll be there in three minutes.

There was nothing more we could do.

Do what he says.

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Miki wanted me to find out who you've been dating.

You shouldn't be so picky about food.

Truth springs from argument amongst friends.

Antony isn't very good at it.

That seat is taken.


Danish is the European Portuguese of Scandinavia.

I don't think I can do anything like that.

Erwin handed Vicki the letter opener.


Around the city ran a river.

I'd like to get started.

Some books are worth reading over and over again.

I don't speak Mandarin very well.

It's impossible to know where he has gone.


Kelly eats like a horse.

"I'll never understand women", said Jayesh.

I think I won't go to work today.

I was hoping I could get a little help.

Could I talk to you alone for a second?


I want to see them first.

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Why doesn't he exercise with me anymore?


I just feel lucky.

That is very expensive.

I feel really confident.

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Case is turning red.

He sometimes ate out with his family.

Anyone is welcome to join.

My friend is obsessed with this.

Only members of the club are entitled to use this room.

I was pretty convinced.

I can say the alphabet backwards in less than five seconds.

Has anybody here made a profit in futures trading?

She didn't press him for an explanation.

The summer had gone before I knew.

Griff recognized her handwriting.

Even though I was sitting in the sun, I still felt chilly.

Elias is crouched on the floor, writhing in pain.

You know everything.

I have bought those sun glasses in the Netherlands.


He grows tomatoes in his garden.


Kate says he'll go to Boston soon.


Birds fly in the sky.

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The bad weather affected his health.

Let's hope it works.

He fell and hit his head on the floor.

He is, so to speak, her servant.

The princess was fond of cooking.

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She sometimes mixes up fancies with realities.


Tartiflette is a delicious potatoe and reblochon cheese based dish.

May I suggest another strategy?

I persuaded John to be examined by the doctor.

Brazil's population is much larger than that of other Portuguese-speaking countries.

There are stores on each side of the street.

Brooke attached some twine to the kite.

I'm good friends with them.

I was just remembering.

Ask at the police box over there.


Bill is a regular fool.


Children can't drink wine.

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I'm not planning to work on Monday.

I think this is horrible.

American children grow up hearing those words.

It is likely that he did it on purpose.

Colin should be there.

To him, hunger was an abstract concept; he always had enough to eat.

I want you to see something.

When was the last time you saw him?

The farmers are planting barley.

Spring has come early this year.

I can stop smoking anytime I want.


I speak few languages.

Young Martin spent a fairly quiet childhood in Atlanta, Georgia.

Honesty seems to be rather at a discount today.

She sowed wheat in her field.

Granting you were drunk, I cannot excuse you.


I am very glad to meet you today.

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Sundar explored every possibility.


Marilyn closed the door as quietly as he could.


We saw something.

I haven't told you my dreams yet.

I'll call if we need you.

Language is the world in which the people live.

I'm totally over her.

Isn't that better?

The sentence with the preceding number is false.