The National Tenancy Registry (NTR) Canada allows landlords, property managers and tenants to report successful and unsuccessful tenancies benefiting good tenants and negatively impacting bad or high risk tenants. Reporting bad tenants or high risk tenants is easy with NTR, and it‘s free for tenants, landlords and property managers.
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How It Works

For Tenants

Finding a place to rent is hard! NTR helps show your next landlord how great you are. It saves time and the headache of getting a hold of your previous landlord. Tenants registered with NTR have a 30% higher chance of getting an apartment.

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For Landlords

As legislation makes it harder to evict tenants, it’s important to identify the best and worst potential tenants. Bad or high risk tenants make up a small population of tenants, but it only takes one bad tenant to wipe out a year‘s worth of profit. NTR helps landlords and property managers across the country with the largest database in the country of registered tenancies. NTR minimizes risk of rental income loss, identifies good tenants, and weeds out the bad ones.

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NTR is FREE for Landlords and Tenants to Report

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