The Prime Minister has resigned.

Are you tired, darling?

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When we are with a person we don't want to be seen with, we often meet someone we know.

They all yell.

Are you sure you don't want to help me out?


Wes and Ned ate at the same Mexican restaurant.

Houston, we've had a problem here.

I thought I made it clear what you were supposed to do.

I need to think about this.

I'm trying to be fair.

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Did Andrew tell you where he got this?

Kikki said he'd play tennis with us.

I think it's important to tell him the facts.

I'm a school teacher.

Did she plan to go to Germany?

What's Josip angry about?

Anita has been in an accident.

It will take her at least two years to be qualified for that post.

I have nothing to write with.

Who bought you this?

I got a new battery put in my watch yesterday.

Werner lay motionless on the ground.

The gap was bigger than I expected.

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Reinhard was injured when a large chunk of ice slid off the roof and hit him.

Don't let them know they're being watched.

He's dying.

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Let's not discuss this.


I can't believe you remembered.


This soup needs a touch of salt.

If you get up early, you can be in time for school.

Bea picked up one of the glass vases and threw it at Amanda.

The gramophone was born of Edison's brain.

Was this Spock's plan all along?

Sandeep had to be at his office all day.

The police found no sign of forced entry.


Haven't we met somewhere before?

What the hell is going on here?

I thought that he knew everything about Japan.

Are we doing this?

Why should I be there?

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Ning drank out of my cup.

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It won't be easy persuading Corey to go.


He should have come.

Break the eggs and separate the yolks and whites.

It was very expensive; in fact, I paid 100 dollars.

He has no intention to interfere with your business.

I told her straight.

Your secret's safe.

He's in love with someone else.

This looks like an attempt at rephrasing a well-known English proverb.

Everyone felt sorry for him.

May I shake your hand?

You have a funny laugh.

Nobody asked me anything.

Maybe you're not supposed to do that.


Deaf people can talk in sign language.

The old man stroked his beard thoughtfully.

The kid stumbled and fell to his knees.

Needless to say he is one of the best writers of the present generation.

This book is very new.


Tollefsen has no choice but to leave.

I caught the ball.

We'll sing.


Detective Columbo is always in a frayed raincoat.

I thought everyone was happy.

They're going to do something.

Did you offer Raif any assistance?

You need technical knowledge to understand how this system works.

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Use them wisely.

This string is strong.

Don't sit here if you're not going to play poker with us.

I know what those books are like.

Najib is not a good leader.

I think Jeannette is persuasive.

I always listen to anything Lin has to say.

You help us.

It's the first time I've seen Kee so angry.

The secret to productivity in so many fields -- and in origami -- is letting dead people do your work for you.

Were you in love with Philippe?

Is there any chance of my borrowing your typewriter?

It's been two years since I saw him last.

Stay here and look after her.

You're all set.

I remember the night Duke met Connie.

That doesn't sound very polite.

What did she do with it?

I don't want to listen to your explanations.

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He's a very healthy person.


My mailbox is full.

Merat and Dawson died childless.

We're sorry, Ami, but you can't be part of our group because it would... you know... exceed the 5-people-per-group limit.

Give me some time to figure out what went wrong.

It's in your hands, Chris.

Let's talk about what needs to be done today.

Who runs the fastest of the three?


Piercarlo is not in his bedroom.

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I thought we were going to your place.


You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.


She needs the money.

Game theory is the study of strategic decision making.

Willing mind is what I have found at last.


I'm laughing at her.

We caught her.

They talk too much.

Vladimir searched inside the closet.

I thought Antonella would be grateful.

"The Wind Rises" is Hayao Miyazaki's last film.

He was impressed.

I think you'd like it.

Do what you've been told.

There were no real problems.

After I eat, I'll go to the store.

She got good grades in English.

We're bodybuilders.

"What good people," thought Pinocchio to himself. And forgetting his father, the new coat, the A-B-C book, and all his good resolutions, he said to the Fox and to the Cat: "Let us go. I am with you."

I'm happy we're working together.

The Australian Prime Minister has said that he does not intend to engage in megaphone diplomacy with Egypt over the jailing of an Australian journalist.

We are aware of the error and are working on a solution.

Some women tell their hairdressers about all their problems.

I owe you a beer.

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Miho is a pianist.

I asked him many questions about ecology.

Who sent you?

She won many competitions.

He never got a holiday.

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She put on her sweater.


I didn't really miss Samuel.


Their job is to do make-up for performing artists.


Very good, but you're capable of doing better.

None of them had any formal science training.

I felt that that somewhere in this world a mission which I knew nothing about yet was waiting for me.

I don't expect anything.

Vassos gently hugged Markus.

The wind slammed the door shut.

Excuse me, where is the metro?

I'm not going to let you spend your birthday alone.

"Did you mean this one?" "No, I meant that one!"


I awoke to find my suitcase gone.

I hear it's buried under all that snow.

Why are you so pale?

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I lean toward accepting the proposal.


He can understand everything she's saying.

I don't know if you feel the same as I do.

They spied on her while she was bathing.

The wind and rain put out the fire.

We have different views.


He thought that it was like a bird cage.

I think Stuart kind of likes Andreas.

That was magic.

The police say there's someone pulling string behind the scenes.

I already know what I'm going to do.

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Herb's researched his family history and intends to send a detailed family tree to all of his relatives.


He barely speaks English.

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She is well known in both India and China.

I'm ready for more.

He raised tomato plants from seed.


Every little boy needs a hero.


Janice and Amos are there as well.

You can open the window.

Carisa knew what Christophe was planning to do.

What is "man"?

He saved his friend at the risk of his own life.


The couple is walking hand in hand.