Street workout is the new wave in fitness training

If you google the phrase “street workout” you will get more than 117 million hits. Street workout is a type of physical activity that has rapidly become a popular pastime of choice and is gaining new fans around the world. Despite its urban name, the exercise that uses the body’s own weight as resistance has […]


When Is It Time to Change Your Workout Routine?

Bored? Hit a stalemate? It’s time to change up that workout! It happens to everyone. You are at the point where instead of enjoying your workout, it has become a tedious chore. You feel like you can perform each exercise in your sleep, and even though you sweat, you don’t feel challenged. And here’s the […]


5 Common Cardio Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them!)

Cardio is one of the most important types of workout. Cardiovascular endurance is one of the four pillars of fitness, so it’s imperative that you pay attention to your heart and lung function during exercise. However, there are a few common cardio mistakes that can actually have a negative impact on your health if you’re […]



Why do I want to exercise? What keeps me going and what is the importance of exercise for me? If physical appearance or a single result is the only goal, motivation is difficult to maintain. It is sometimes hard to find the motivation to exercise. It is cold, rainy and windy outside: “I cannot be […]

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6 Tips For Recovering From an Exercise-Related Injury

We’re all familiar with the benefits of exercise, but it’s important to remember that exercise has its downsides too. If we push ourselves too hard, get sloppy with our form, or even just step the wrong way, the risk of injury is much higher while doing exercise. Exercise-related injuries can keep you out of the […]


6 Tips to Avoid Distractions in the Gym

In order to continue progressing, you need to eliminate any distractions which could interrupt your training sessions. Being unfocused can quickly and negatively impact the intensity of your workout, leading to subpar sessions. One of my secrets to success is my ability to avoid distractions while training. I allow nothing to come between me and my […]

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Tip: No Need to Hate on Lifting Straps

Straps are used by pro bodybuilders, figure competitors, strongmen, and even powerlifters, so why the outrage? Here’s how to use them wisely. A Crap Sandwich In recent years lifting straps have fallen out of favor. Why? Mainly because a lot of training advice these days is written by sports performance coaches, not bodybuilding coaches. And […]

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Knowing what exercises are best to fit your body and aims can sometime be a daunting task, particularly if new to working out or the gym. But structuring your workouts can be just as important as their duration and intensity. Ensuring that these elements are satisfied can improve your workout significantly. To get the most […]

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