I can't picture what Mt. Fuji looks like in the spring.

I asked Leith if he liked Chinese food.

The battle was short.

One should do one's best to be happy.

They parted with a firm handshake.

No dramatist can compare with Shakespeare.

Be sure to turn out the light when you go out of the room.

Does he know that you love him?

She has a crush on the boy next door.

The rapid rotation of Uranus causes winds up to 600 kilometers per hour to blow in its atmosphere.

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It was certain that he saw her there on a certain day.


"What's he been eating?" "The last thing, I think, was a kettle." "A kettle of what?" "No. A kettle. A black thing with a handle and spout."

She heated the milk.

This question is like asking a parent which child they love more.


That event happened 15 years ago.

I saw Ramneek wiping his fingerprints off the doorknob.

In fact I did not know it.

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Will someone please tell me what to do?

Soccer is an exciting sport.

He sounds very immature.


The mother cat went out hunting birds.

I was looking for a pair of scissors.

Do you see why this is a problem?

The Finance Minister said the July rise in inflation was only a blip.

That isn't French.

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Is something supposed to be happening here?

Enough TV, already!

He is not a man to rely on.


What did you see at that time?

As happiness doesn't exist, we must try to be happy without it!

You must answer these questions.

She is seldom at ease with strangers.

Gil said he would do what we asked.

Metin has lunch at home.

I am familiar with the geography of this town.


You may have to wait several weeks until a sentence you added is indexed by the search engine.

When does he get back from his trip?

The cloud is grey.

That's very funny.

She's going to see to it that he can go to the concert.

I'm sorry to hear Taurus is sick.

I don't even want to be here.

Agatha can handle it himself.

They changed the world.

I got Anne to sign the new contract.

Wait here till he comes back.

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You'll be OK without us, won't you?

It will be my pleasure!

I don't build their cabins.

Can't we tell him about it?

Translating this material calls for a lot of patience.

You don't need to trust me.

Don't spread yourself too thin.

This is my driver.

There aren't any clouds today.

Go and apologize to him.

I wonder how it would feel like to be a man.

He expressed himself in good English.

I wonder when this program will continue till.

Please answer either by nodding or shaking your head.

Forever we will change, forever we will learn.


Indians know their country by many names: "Bharat" from Sanskrit, "Hindustan" from Persian and "India" from English.

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Arnold often walks Spock home from school.

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The chocolate cake tempted her even though she was dieting.


She needs our help.


His shoes are brown.

Kathy wished that he knew Rod's telephone number.

He made every effort, but to no avail.

Tell them it was a mistake.

She went down that road.


As he sat next to his dying mother in the nursing home, Pierce regretted not having been a better son to her.

Piotr isn't very lucky.

The boy reading a book is John.

This sentence seems to be correct, grammatically.

He knew where he put his pen.

I will buy that dress somehow.

Leigh hasn't got the sense that God gave a goose.

That thought crossed my mind.

Happy Tolkien's birthday!


Laurie is handling the situation very well.


No wonder he refused your offer.

Have you ever changed your password?

They were very demanding.


The girl came into the room and burst into tears.

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My grandmother raised a family of ten.

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I know how angry you are.

Stagger pulled out his notebook and pencil.

Jun didn't keep his word.


I get home at 4.30 and do my homework.

It is rare to find a Nepali translator.

I'm only bringing two suitcases.

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Thanks a million.

Lynn purchased several yards of screening from the hardware store to replace the old mesh in the window screens, since the mesh had become too frayed and torn to serve its purpose.

Hurry up, or you'll miss your plane.

I haven't done anything like this in a long time.

Ellen knew it was a mistake.

Speech is silver, silence is gold.

Please correct it.

My brights are on.

I'm not a fan of Ugg boots.

The child flew for his life.

My passport was stolen.


I'm waiting for your help.

He doesn't have a hat on.

If it hadn't been for his advice, I couldn't have succeeded.


Woman in a wheelchair holes up in supermarket.

Whether you like Blair or not, you still have to work with him.

Tran's eyes are open.


It was dark when I reached the hotel.

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I should've stayed with her.

These jellies are nice.

Jeanette is a former student of Krzysztof's.

They insisted on my making use of this opportunity.

What kind of man is Alf?

Believe what you will.

The ceremony was recorded.

Price didn't know.

I'm aware of what's going on.

Only in every third German household meals are cooked daily yet.

That's all she has.

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Did I do something?

We've got time.

They don't give presents.

I don't like this sweater.

I didn't think that Sean would let me down.

Why is my Internet connection so slow?

He can do it far better than I can.

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The rain came down in torrents.

Carolyn raised his arm.

Nice dress.


How do I get over the river?

Let's find out more about him.

I can get to work faster by walking than by taking the car.


He's able-bodied, so he's gonna join the army.

That way you keep thinking about me but are unable to admit to your feelings, that hot and cold feel is a real boom among young men!

Does anyone in your office speak French?

We're gonna grab a drink!

In his school days he wasn't as gentle as he is now.

I hate surprise parties.

No other lake in Japan is as large as Lake Biwa.

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I didn't work yesterday.

Kent seems upset.

It just wouldn't be right.

Doug just came to see me.

It's very hard to understand you.

I am an ordinary person.

This custom has been handed down from generation to generation.

We meant no harm.

Loukas is an honest person, that's why I like him.


I love spending time with him.

The car turned abruptly.

By the way, are you called Robin as well?


It was dark in the room.

Let's do it for him.

What a beautiful rose!

I don't know what I'll do without you.

Well, I'm just watching TV...

Are you sane?

I think that's enough, Jagath.

Lord graduated from Harvard.

I will do it at all costs.

Are all the windows locked?

I thought you said you worked in Boston.

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Nobody else seemed to mind.

You people are no fun.

When the dog comes, a stone cannot be found. When the stone is found, the dog does not come.