You know it, don't you?

We saw you last night.

This could be serious.

That was the answer Patrice expected Jean-Christophe to give.

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I go to Koshien stadium.

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The ISS travels in orbit around the Earth at an average speed of 27,743.8 km/h , completing 15.7 orbits per day.

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Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children, and may be purchased at the door.

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I want to hear the rest of your story.


He loved looking at grey sky with the sun peeking through the thick clouds.

Srikanth Jackson was born in Boston on October 20, 1995.

After we had eaten, we went outside to skate.

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You have to trust your instincts.


Now I want to speak Esperanto.


Why don't you cut Moran some slack?


It's just not a good time right now.

He has to work on his own.

As the baby was born, the Tanaka had to hire a part-timer.

He ate some sand.

We will never yield to force.


I left off work for a few hours to see the doctor.

This isn't a trivial matter.

How do you know they're not just giving you a weird look because you have a funny face?


My brothers will be greatly loved by our citizens because of their erudition and modesty.


The devil finds work for idle hands.

What did you think of the wedding?

How many students are there in total?

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I was hit on the head.

Kenneth was our leader.

We're going to watch the game together in Gil's basement.


I wish I'd brought more food.

We really don't know.

Takayuki hated Trying, but not as much as she hated him.

Am I being too subtle?

Yes, he can, if he tries hard.


I had never seen so much money.


What are you two doing out here?

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Get into the car and wait for me.

I'm not a hypocrite.

Every day I check the news, but every day our two presidential candidates are still Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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We will play baseball now.

She flashed him her angry eyes.

Love is always naked.

What club would you like to join?

How do you know my father?

They said it would never work.

Let's have breakfast.

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Roxana will probably go to Boston next week.

No, you have to make a connecting flight in Chicago.

Dylan made a bad judgment call.

Are you going to move in?

Why did you leave him alone?

His airplane crashed in the mountains.

I'll stay in Athens for nine days.

Hey, Mehrdad, you've gotten a lot taller since I last saw you.

Do you like the piano?

Both stories are true.

Her father was accused of statutory rape.

I should've paid more attention in French class.

The point we must clarify here is that the lines between amateur and professional in sport are beginning to disappear.


We don't want your parents thinking there's a problem.

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I ate dinner last night, but I don't think Trent did.


Kee and his cousin went into business together.


Leads was blindfolded.

I slept on the bus.

I bought a book of folktales.

It's probably a warning.

He has broken the glass.


A penny saved is a penny taxed.

She is vehemently opposed to political correctness.

If anybody can fix it, it's Kamel.

Moe went to Pune.

I need another can of paint to finish painting the ceiling.

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Duelling was in improvement over the thug-gang skirmishing it replaced.

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Alex will explain it to you.

The door was suddenly opened by Mike.

Let's hit the sack.

I told to myself that it was perfectly normal for him to be homesick.

Interlingua is a modern tool for international communication.

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Describe me the mixed martial arts.

It's not a coincidence.

Can I check into your bag for security purposes.

Are you telling me you're actually worried?

I must say I'm a bit disappointed.

You're starting to bore me.

Can you please walk away?


Joubert encouraged me to try again.

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Linder excused himself.


It's not easy to pick out the best actors for this play.

The works of Jorge Luis Borges were translated into more than twenty-five languages.

It looks like someone is waving a white flag.

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Can I make myself useful somehow?

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This is different.


A cobbler should stick to his last.

Don't hang out with Spudboy.

Moses bought a camera not too long ago.

You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.

Sharan lost his job.

It will clear up soon.

The computer does not turn off anymore.


The engineer climbed the telephone pole.

Please go away.

Never say die.

She's an Asian-American.

Thank you for your detailed explanation.

Thomas, make some effort!

It is rather difficult for an old man to keep up with the times.


We knew Edith was there.

I'll get it tomorrow.

Why didn't anyone tell me anything about it?

Writers often use a pseudonym.

Two vanilla ice creams please.


Our policies and systems are getting outdated and need revising, but to try to swap horses while crossing a stream might be dangerous.

I was like you once.

Oh, he speaks Russian, doesn't he?

Close observation is necessary for the experiment.

They say that he was ambitious when young.


Sally wanted to carry Andries over the threshold.


I don't mind helping you clean up after the party.

When I looked at my travel pictures of when I went on a trip alone to Australia, I felt like crying.

The conflicts left over 50 civilians dead.

He went so far as to call me a fool.

Not only did he give me advice, but also money.


The administration makes important decisions.


You must be careful in choosing your friends.

It doesn't get any easier.

Shatter was stupid to leave Max alone.

I'm doing it this way because that's how Thierry told me to do it.

Please call me Angela.


I wouldn't say that.

I was out all day.

Students may not enter the faculty lounge.

The couple walked holding hands in the moonlight.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.


Triantaphyllos seems to be very lonely.

It's very quiet.

The concrete layer of the nuclear reactor's shielding will be destroyed using controlled explosions.

Who gave you that black eye?

Everybody's safe.

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We're halfway to Boston.

You were overdoing it.

Pay close attention to what I tell you.

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That sounds sensible.

I feel normal.

There are a few boats on the lake.

Do what you think is best.

How often do you write a letter to your mother each month?

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We were just talking.

What color is the notebook you're looking for?

It is ten years ago that I saw him last.

I'm not filtering your tea.

Raul was freezing to death.


We've only got three weeks left.

What impressed you the most?

Japan is a country surrounded by the sea on all sides.