That pool really looks inviting.

Those things happen.

His beating four competitors in a row won our high school team the championship.

You're not still afraid of dogs, are you?

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Did Terrence sign that confession voluntarily?

I'll boil you the beans.

He acted as if he were ill.


I love playing my guitar.

No boy in the class is taller than Bill.

She was expelled from the school.

Around the town's perimeter, the residents constructed a wall with four gates. Through the gates, roads led east, south, west and north.

Your memory hasn't improved much, has it?

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I can't think of anything that I'd like better.

Me, I prefer coffee to tea.

I hate hypocrites.

Hamilton really did fall for Rathnakumar.

He has too many books.

There are sparks flying out of the electric socket.

Each to their own.


You guys are Swedish.

How many books do you think you have read so far?

He lives apart from his parents.

I'll call on you, John.

Must you go to the post office?

Do you need some help there?

Love sucks.


She did a pretty good job.

Audrey has been flirting with Ernst all night.

I have never gone to Florida.

Do I have to make a speech?

Pontus knows it.


The storm destroyed the whole town.

Terri didn't need to buy so much food.

She can understand everything we're saying.

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Kamiya didn't want Vincent to suffer.

Fearing is dying a thousand times, it's worse than death.

Blow me down!

How many nuclear bombs does the United Kingdom have?

I'm afraid I can't talk about that.

All you have to do is sit down here and answer the doctor's questions.

Over $30 million in priceless art was stolen from that museum last year.

Bill hates George only if Pat hates Bill.

How many men do you have?

That's what Bradford had in mind.

It was fun to celebrate together.

What did you tell her about me?

I think over what went wrong.

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I cannot let them catch me.

I like you just the way you are.

I told Allan I was fine.


I'm not charging anybody for anything.

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Rafael wandered into a decommissioned factory.

Joon was angry at Sigurd.

Due to the reason that I described above, I arrived at a different decision.

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His speech met with enthusiastic applause.

Celeste can't even read.

He gave her a big kiss.

She can ask and answer questions.

You should leave out these two lines.

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You'd better get out here.

Paul has dry hair.

Is it true that Johnathan witnessed a murder?


I'm obviously a raw genius but I lack knowledge in many areas. I don't know everything, but I know enough.

It'll go away.

Windscreen wipers haven't any utility against ice.

I've been looking forward to meeting you.

We've made it to Berlin, onwards to New York.

Mom, where's the cat?

She was not interested in boys at all.


Let's not let this happen again.

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Juan is a wonderful person.

The decision is not final.

Do you want to ask me any questions?

Surely, there is some way we can fix this.

Greta chugged the beer in one gulp.

How important is Pierre?

Why does Marci hate you?

I'd like to apply for a job.

What is it, honey?

All of a sudden, three dogs appeared in front of us.

I'm skeptical when I hear someone claim to speak more than five languages fluently.


You must acquire as soon as possible a good knowledge of business English.

I didn't say that I wanted your opinion.

Someone's talking.


Randall is obviously disappointed.

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Tursun said something about going to France.

Miles's favorite song is Chariots of Fire by Vangelis.

Please wait thirty seconds.


The king took his clothes off.

Can you think of anyone more suitable?

I lived in Bydgoszcz.

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Edward was the only other person present.

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We got to be friends.

There's party at Janos's tonight.

I wouldn't dream of stopping now.

I could not understand what the president said then.

I feel smarter already.


Homeschooling is still illegal in Germany.

"Do you know what floppy disks are?" "Of course I do!" "Have you ever used one?" "Nah, I haven't."

I think we need a change of scenery.

Do you want to have fun?

Denial would have been useless.

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Coincidences happen all the time.

In some species of animals, the female is dominant over the male.

Jeannie doesn't have a whole lot of time.

It seems like we haven't done anything fun since last October.

She is inquisitive, but I like her none the worse.


Stacy deserves to be punished.


Kusum said I was fat.


This pen is a real bargain at such a low price.

I have been acquainted with the mayor for more than twenty years.

She kept on talking.

I was extremely disappointed to see our national soccer team suffer a historic loss.

Is that the belt I gave you?


Cheer me up!


The Swiss Franc is soaring.


You can play a musical instrument, can't you?

The crowd gathered around the speaker.

Let's qualify this gin with tonic water.

She's very shy.

Sassan said he wanted to make amends.

Can you see the big white building over there?

I can't think of anything I'd rather eat.

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It's a rainy day.

Think was a good cook.

Mann and Donald always talk about the same old things. It gets kind of boring.

The murderer is still at large.

I didn't translate a single sentence.


We should be there in no time.


What's in the briefcase?

I may indeed be wrong.

It's Ginny's turn to take out the garbage.


What's your favorite perfume?


No one knows exactly how many people considered themselves hippies.

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It could take weeks.

You must see it to believe it.

From my house, Piete's house is just 4 km farther than Jimmy's house.


Get out of my kitchen.

He gets along well with the people in his neighborhood.

He relaxed his hold on me.

Oscar knows a lot of proverbs.

She heard him cry in the middle of the night.

You alone are my hope.

Do you three work together?

You have to go to college for four years.

Hello. May I talk to Mr Johnson, please?

Do you have a map of Boston?

Do you want me to stay?

I'm really quite busy.

They are enjoying a healthy life in the country.


Of course you have to pay. What did you think?

She told me the project had been a failure.

Sylvan really cracks me up.


Kim doubts Dimetry's story is true.


We haven't been introduced.

My parents think I'm studying medicine.

Do they know you're here?

Dwight and Saad walked down the busy sidewalk.

This is a film for men.

Why do I have to work with them?

Collin wants me to take responsibility for everything that went wrong.