Myrick has got other things on his plate.

Let me have a word with him.

He got the better of his opponent.

All men are mortal. Sriram is a man. Therefore, Darci is mortal.

That life is mysterious, I admit.

We've got to save Angela.


She understands the risks.


Dan is planning to rob a local bank.

Write your name.

The structure already has some defects.

I'm the only one who knows where Claire hid the gold coins.

Conrad looked for a job in the end.

I feel a strong attachment to this house.

In that case, it will need to take place without their noticing.

We studied about King Henry VIII in our history class today.

One day I'll want to fly outside the country.

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I wish I had been kind to her then.

Sugared doughnuts are a weakness of mine.

I didn't invite you.

There are seven billion people in the world, and yet I am nonetheless alone.

What could've happened to Malaclypse?

I am Vick's grandfather.

I spent the day with them.

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Who's got time for that?

I was ready too.

Poverty and crime will never be eradicated completely.

Marguerite poured the contents of his glass into the sink.

We want a woman who's good at cooking.

We'll stand.

That was really exciting.

He extracted salt from seawater through crystallization.

We now have all the evidence we need to convict Francisco Jackson.

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There's a leak in the roof.


What did you do to my computer?


Stay here with us.

We are a fortress.

It went OK.

Gilles might be willing to help.

I won't give you up.

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She didn't receive the flowers.

In the evening my pigeon returned to me wounded seriously.

She is disgusted with the job.

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You know, Simon, Brad thought the world of you.


Certainly, these things are true.

Operation Sea Lion was the German code name for the planned invasion of Britain.

I would do many things.

The water has been cut off.

I forgot to tell him something.

He's going to drive me crazy!

He is what is called a walking encyclopedia.

I'd like to talk to him alone.

He's an acute businessman.

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That man asked me who I was, but I didn't think it was necessary to answer that question.

Do you really think that could happen?

He's putting on a coat.

You are only a common mortal, who will have to die one day, and you cannot stay here any longer.

I give you five minutes to resolve this issue.

It was great. I went to Kyoto.

I owe you thirty dollars.


Let's keep this conversation sub rosa.


It's not an exaggeration to state that he is a genius.

Jussi was teased because he looked different from the other children.

You're in my way.


Why does Farouk need that?

The streets in Hokkaido are wide.

We used to live in Boston when you were a baby.

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He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.

He was sitting there.

As I was late, I took a bus.

I'll stay in Paris for seven days.

Please leave the notebooks on the table as they are.

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I continued to work all morning.

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The more guests there are, the more difficult it is to keep a surprise party secret.


I can't stand this place.


These days, the motive for marriage is not necessarily pure. Take Jennifer for example.

Micky is a famous restaurant critic.

Let's have a few drinks tonight.

Can't this problem be solved?

Paul has dry hair.


Teresa's sister is more beautiful than me!

Thanks for bringing the washing in, Gerry.

I downloaded the file that Kylo uploaded.


I have another engagement.

They came in dog-tired after sightseeing all day.

I have grown dependent on my daily dose of caffeine.

Roberta loves to write.

Would you ask him to join us?

Are there waterfalls in your country?

Kate's wish is to prove that she is a worthy actress.

He grew up to be a famous musician in later years.

And who claimed it would be easy?

He is saving up to buy a house.

I was drugged.

It's about time you guys got here.

Martyn loves having Mikey around.


My husband is a compulsive gambler. What can I do?

Can you drive them here?

Please bring in the washing.

Did we want snow?

I frequently recall my happy childhood.


I really don't want to go there.

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I want a notebook.

Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten.

Between ourselves, he seems to be a homosexual.


You didn't have to come into the office today.

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Bilinguals are not just two monolinguals stuck together!

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Bruno was imaginative.

Why don't we take Sri there?

It was not unexpected.

I got up about six.

I didn't ask you what you thought.


Let's talk about ways that we might prevent this from happening again in the future.

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What is the weather in Athens?

She was by no means happy.

Call them now.

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They'll be OK.

I'd rather not talk about it.

He promised not to tell anyone about it.

Jerome, stop it, OK?

It is always difficult for a son to live up to the expectations of his parents.

Comprehension is fundamental.

Why didn't you just do what you said you'd do?

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They want, above all things, to live in peace.

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Dan dumped Linda's body in the river.

He had no sooner got the letter than tore it in two.

They drank tea with lemon, for his nagging cough, with his usual lump and a half of sugar.


You needn't have helped him with his work.

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Ernie built up a good name for himself.

I didn't say I couldn't find it.

I love going to the movies.

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They speak two foreign languages.

Randell's feet got wet.

I've met people like that.

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Hubert loves a good laugh and avoids people who haven't got a sense of humour.


Andre dresses like a cowboy.


I felt like slapping her in the face.

You are supposed to hand in your homework by Friday.

Nobody was allowed to go out of the room.


Wear whatever you want to wear.

He is always spoiling for a fight.

Stop screaming like a girl.

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He trained his camera on me.

Sir slept under mosquito netting.

Boys read less for enjoyment than girls.

He gave me a curt answer.

Susumu looked really angry.

I had to go home.

Maybe I should stay here with Shean.


Journalistic text is not a literary work.


Raphael has been nice to us.

Shankar has time.

Believe it or not, a monster emerged from the cave.

Dwight is hiding inside her blanket fort.

I don't know whether he's younger or older than I am.

That'll take some time.

I don't want to live forever.


You're materialistic.