Benjamin aims to please.

I'm having a big party tonight.


Knut loves traveling.

I told her to wait over there.

The woman you were talking to at that time was my sister.

Does anybody here trust them?

What didn't you like about Kikki?

Sitting in the sleigh of a boozer, you'll sing along his drunken songs.

Dancing: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.


It'll be hilarious.

After, cook it on a low flame for 30 minutes and you're done.

The wound discharged pus.

It's a pity that Joon has no sense of humor.

I just got a tattoo.

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I'm here for Lar.

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This box is so large that it cannot go into my bag.


Kent has quite a few antiques.

They were very kind to me.

His first work gained great popularity among people.


He tore his calf muscle playing basketball.

You should marry her.

You should know that I'm in love with Neville.

I did not reach school in time.

They listened attentively so as not to miss a single word.

My lawyer has advised me to cooperate.

Thus we were urged into a fight.

What do you propose instead?

I heard from my sister. The letter says she is well now.


Kevan was with his family last weekend.

He is often confused with his brother.

Has Mat started yet?

The class being over, the students left quickly.

I sometimes translate lyrics for my wife.

On the floor were two pairs of shoes.

He was looking for his daughter.

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Marco wants you back, you know.

Mr. Smith is liked by all the students.

I'm too tired to walk any more.

Do you want to come?

Celia has only fifteen minutes to eat his lunch.


Anyone who respects someone who respects the current president of the United States is not respected by at least one person.

We had a party in the open.

I'm sorry about what happened back there.

Something's wrong with the car.

I wouldn't have him on the other side in a negotiation.

I'll send it back.

Do you always wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle?


I don't think there's anything we can do.

It cannot be completely cured.

Let me handle this.

I don't believe that anymore.

This place is very dirty.

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He uses to bore people with his notorious stories.

He worked mainly as a freelancer.

The clothes are there.


She met a businessman.

They adopted a new policy.

You should buy some cough medicine and aspirin.

I'm taking the afternoon off.

It is wrong to steal.

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God's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn.


Now my income is twice what it was two years ago.

Rhonda isn't far behind us.

I hardly know where to begin.


Those who keeps early hour will live long.

Loukas never reads the newspaper.

How do you know Renu likes Bradford?


I have a feeling you're not going to like the gift Graeme got you.

For me, it is important.

If you were Mechael, which would you choose?

What's your favorite bar in Boston?

I haven't formed an opinion about that yet.

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Leith must be Dion's boyfriend.

I don't think I deserved that.

You'll get lonely.

The children started bouncing up and down on the couch.

That's so true.

You can tell her.

She translated a poem.


He is learning very quickly.

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Sassan is going to do something about it.

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You can see me in the morning.

Dewey has to approve this.

The students assisted the professor in the investigation.

She peeled a potato.

Kate sees red.

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Nobody's indispensable.

I have to hide.

His method is much more effective than ours.

I know where to hide.

I just heard from Sangho.

His wife was nowhere in evidence.

What are they doing in there?


Murthy had a long talk with Sumitro.

I burned my finger.

She asked me to help her with the work.


Sanford could tell by the way Nanda slammed the door that he wasn't happy.


He came all the way to my office to discuss the plan with me.

Elsa bought a dozen eggs.

They were very kind to me.

She loved him and he loved her.

I am thrilled to be here.

I'm not a student either.

Anderson is the guy who hit Jin.

Dalton wouldn't have gotten hurt if he'd been a little more careful.

More and more people are deciding to stop eating meat.

You may read whichever book you like.

It was you that suggested seeing that movie.


Your battery is low.

Obviously, I was scared.

Thank you, Einstein.


I want you to stop frequenting the graveyard at night.


Is Floyd still playing?


Are you extroverted?

He thinks that blue is the most beautiful colour.

The other committee consists of four members.

I happen to be a pretty good judge of character.

I'd prefer a sandwich.


Since she doesn't want to put on any more weight, she doesn't eat cake.

I had scarcely entered the class before the students started asking questions.

The situation quickly got out of control.

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Serdar often wears sunglasses.


They all stood up at the same time.


What did Shah Jahan build?

Nothing changed.

I guess our job is not to let that happen.

I've lost even my cell phone!

I want to be a teacher.

I didn't figure on something like this happening.

I would like to call.

Are we going to have to sleep here?

Try to utilize your leisure for reading.


Is there anything you want to do right now?

What I need is a friend.

Can't you do anything to help Emmett?

It was an extremely stupid thing to do.

It's no use confessing your sins to the priest if you don't think twice before repeating them.

Some say that he was the greatest boxer who ever lived.

A runner must pass the baton in a relay race.

The use of non-standard English does not help to promote English in international communications; well, we can always fall back on Esperanto.

The meeting was canceled because of the rain.


Roger put the note into his pocket.

I can defeat any chess player.

Do you have any small change?


Life in a small town is boring.

It's neat and clean.

What a mess...I suppose there's nothing for it but restricting admissions. Handing out numbered tickets or something.


We will never know if he is trustworthy.

We are beating our donkeys.

He is among the best jazz singers.

I can tell virtue and vice apart.

Raja kept cleaning.

I've seen how well you treat Laura.

Why didn't you tell us about this sooner?


I was just kidding when I said that.

It was just a joke!

It makes perfect sense.


You're a real friend.


Solitude is fine, but you need someone to tell you that solitude is fine.


Rathnakumar was the first to enter the room.