He ran to the station and caught the train.

Today is my sister's birthday.

Let the dead bury their dead.

Himawan is trying not to fall asleep.

But where is this compass?

I knew we couldn't trust you.

He is a hemophiliac with a sleep disorder.

Jin found your keys.

Let me talk to somebody.

I'll visit Page's house tomorrow.

What ship did he arrive on?

You look good dressed like this.

You did not believe Jos.

Raman clearly had something to say, but he didn't say anything.


The child heard something fall with a crash.

Denis is uncultured, isn't he?

Meeks and Leslie said they were leaving.

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Cindy was so happy that she started dancing.

Miki has an uncle who is a banker.

I cannot hug Taninna. She doesn't love me anymore.

Which parent does the child resemble?

Why are people so mean to me?


What was wrong with him?


I warn you, the thing is pretty risky.

I'm going to Berlin to visit my friend.

How are you doing today?


"Did you know the dead man?" I asked him on the way.

Stewart still looks doubtful.

It is not far to Paris.


I still have three months till I get out of prison.


They were surprised by what they saw.

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I'm sure my parents won't let me go by myself.


Wait till I get my hat.


Novo looks like a nervous wreck.

What kind of music do you have?

I wasn't good-looking when I was a kid.


There were a lot of people shouting and waving.

No-one invited her.

I can't believe Beth remembered me.


The car made an abrupt turn.

How could you let her do this?

I think you know what Brodie's girlfriend's name is.


Did you tell him about this?

The Romans left their mark in Britain.

I don't want that much milk.

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I might have to get my tonsils out.

Jarl had nothing to do, so he went home.

Contraception is cheaper than pregnancy.

Could you give me an estimate before starting work?

Just be careful of the stairs.

Does anybody here know how this thing works?

Roll up your sleeves.

He finally yielded to the request of his wife and bought a house.

I bought some Christmas presents today.

Our new teacher is fresh out of college.

Was it cold yesterday?

He was relieved at the news.

Traffic in ivory is illegal.

French is too hard, I don't want to learn it.

Am I talented?

Why are you not listening to me?

Clare wanted me to look the other way while she was getting dressed.

Srikanth attempted suicide.

Jiri found me a good place to live.

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I called them today.

She'll lend you a book.

I should tell Harris to try it.


Perry has acquired the habit of thinking aloud.


It's time you faced reality.

You should look over the contract before you sign it.

Please see if there are some mistakes in this sentence.


What could we do?

Margie told me how old you are.

They were drunk.

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I should know better than to buy anything from Bart.

Nici was about to speak.

He who is born for a dime, will never be worth a quarter.

I want you to take a good look around.

How frequently do you check your email?

The failure resulted from his idleness.

Tommy appears satisfied.


You have only to go there.

What does Joachim want to know?

Tiefenthal has had the toughest luck.

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I locked myself out of my apartment.

Find purpose, the means will follow.

She turned pale with fear.

You guys get the best shots.

Damon works in construction.

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Are you part of this group?

That very tune reminded me of my adolescence.

I put the lighter out.


Ro is going to get better.

It's about time somebody did something about the high cost of medical care.

Would you go with me to the homecoming dance next week?

Ding is playing on computer.

Anton is in danger, too.

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We are currently working to restore normal service as soon as possible.

Hello, girl with the red dress!

These types of books have almost no value.

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Do you want to win or don't you?

Carter has already done it.

No one believed her.

To know is one thing, to practice another.

Don't be pigs.

I did not order this.

I think I can beat you.

Are you going to eat the rest of your stew?

We need few words to express the essential.


He is afraid of the dog.

Why always me?

His leg was in critical condition, but fortunately it got better.


Did the police find any fingerprints?


I wanted to be the one to tell Joubert the news.


Sandeep likes his job.

I told you Mann would be late.

You will never be alone with schizophrenia.

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Finish studying.

The situation called for quick, decisive action.

He likes soccer very much.


These paintings were handed down to me from my father.

We don't have any kids yet.

A shame that you don't know that.

That wasn't a lie.

Rudy looked up.

Holmes is a great pipe man as well as a great detective.

Don't forget your money.

Fletcher didn't have the nerve to do it again.

This project is proving to be more difficult to complete.


Kitty was appointed manager.

I like eating.

I see I'm wasting my time.

Tim asked Grace to come back to Boston.

Darrell might have left his car key in Rex's room.

Ahmet and Monty stood real close together.

She looks odd in those clothes.

I just got engaged.

Fear is more harmful than the sharpest of swords.

I could hardly believe him.

He is hunchbacked.

Why would Rahul be coming to see you?

This isn't going to solve anything.

Where's everyone going tonight?

Oh, it's very kind of you to say so.

Herbert might be thirsty.

Thanks for waiting so long.

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We have to build scaffolding strong enough to support the weight of dozens of workers and tons of equipment.

The party is still going on.

Try to be yourself.

Spock and I'll be here all week.

Laurel has a good memory.

He had heard stories about an ancient god who had left his land centuries before by ship.

Nobody wants to play with Lorien.

With Norma, Bea felt like a queen.

What's your favorite fairy tale?

Ricardo and Edgar want to come over.

Are you sure that's the best thing to do?

I like the sound of what he says, but it IS just talk, you know.

I will never forget you as long as I live.

They experimented with new ideas and ways of living.

Delbert hung his coat up in the closet.


There are internal contradictions within modern society.


How long are you planning to stay?

Norma gave a low moan.

How old were you when you learned to ride a bicycle?